Robin dr400

This French plane is amazing for VFR. Had a blast over the Orbx EGLC + scenery (all updated recently). Available on msfsaddons (.org)

Happy flying !!


Yes, it’s a very pleasant plane to fly. It’s a pity that only the 100HP version is provided, which is mainly used for school IRL.
There is already a 160HP version available (freeware)
I’m waiting for the 180HP version, with better avionics (2 VORs and an ADF is standard equipment).

DR400/100 aren’t even used for school. Student get trained on 120cv up to 140cv as far as I know. I’ve never seen any 100cv around here.

I agree, but just assumed that 100HP are used for school. I don’t think they are very common. I used to fly the 120HP version in a former live, which was already a perfect tool to inspect the tip of the trees at the end of the runway.

There is already mod that adds a 160 hp version