Roche Barton airfield, is it a death trap?

I have now sent a ticket to Asobo about Roche. It is ticket #100838 if this helps anyone. I shall let you know if there is progress.
Also I have posted updates to my existing bush flights today so that all allow refuelling in the normal way and there is no longer need to bind a ‘Repair and Refuel’ key.

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That’s awesome, thanks for that. I’m looking forward to trying out your bush fights soon!

Asobo have marked the ticket as ‘Solved’ now. That only means that they have added the problem to their list of bugs and there is no timeframe about if and when things might actually improve at Roche in the sim.


Ah I wish I could solve my own life problems by merely writing them down and ticking them off. I’d be such a high achiever!


I’m game for doing this. I’m not sure whether the sim will swallow completely moving an in sim airport or not but I’ll give it a whirl.


Cheers Superspud, that would be awesome!

That’s great! Let me know if I can do anything to help - testing rather than the clever stuff probably :slight_smile: I am more into designing bush trips using your excellent creations.

Do you know the actual place in real life at all? It looks like there are some fairly large upwards runway elevations but I’ve no way of finding out what they are.

I expect whatever nav stuff is in there will be wrecked.

I am afraid not. I have driven past it a few times without it really registering. I might stop at the service station and go and take a look next time I’m down that way but no plans to do so any time soon.

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I doubt hardly anyone has been there in the real world so as long as there aren’t giant sinkholes no one’s going to care all that much.

I can do a version with faintly cheesy custom t hangars or I can find a stock building that fills each hole, or simply cover up the hangar burn ins.

I presume most people would want something that’s a few kb rather than megabytes. You decide.

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It doesn’t need to be anything special it’s just a field after all. Its main utility is that it serves as a natural landing/take-off spot for the Eden Project and it’s right next to the clay pits, which are some of the best sights to see in the Southwest of England. It’s a fantastic location.

Also, am I correct in thinking it’s not just the runway itself that’s messed up but rather its location as a POI? Are the two windturbines in the correct location and the runway isn’t or is it the wind turbines that are misplaced?

You can see the actual airfield if you head slightly south. I’ve moved the entire thing to there.

The turbines are in the right places. You can see their shadow/ burn in.

Ok. Give that a quick test run and let me know what needs a tweak.

For some reason none of my runway starts seem to start in the right place on the smaller airfields. I got started with a taxi system here and then wondered what the bloody point was.

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A massive improvement! Looks really good!

Not sure whether to get rid of the grass on the runway. You either have that or it’s all gone and you get weird green concrete.

And do the runway starts behave for you?

Sorry, I sat down at 9pm to do half an hour’s work with Little Nav Map and three and a bit hours later I still didn’t finish. I shall enjoy my flight from St. Just up to Roche tomorrow - that was fast work Sir!

I do not mess around. No, sir.

Give it a whirl and let me know what you think should be improved. Once I’ve got an opinion or two I’ll finish it and upload to

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I tried landing around this location about a dozen times a few weeks ago. Definitely something very funny going on with it.

The strip itself (location) felt wrong and no matter where I landed it would not register.

As if the location is bugged to hell and back. There are a few other rural airstrips like this.

I’ve really been wanting to learn the SDK so that I can open a few of these up and see if I can find out what’s wrong with them.

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When I took off I barely cleared the trees, I think I had only got up to 45 knots by the time I reached them. I didn’t pay attention to what runway number it was. Also I was using my Xbox controller with all settings on realistic as I usually use a VR setup with yoke and rudder pedals so it might have been my ■■■■ steering as I did swerve a bit left to right on take off.

It’s a massive improvement though and looks great.