[Roman Design] CYYJ Victoria International Airport

I did just that, to avoid any confusion. Though it may scare off some US customers who otherwise wouldn’t notice a foreign currency symbol until seeing a lesser charge, because the transaction with PayPal is transparently converted from CAD. But I guess the way it was before it could scare off more Canadians who would incorrectly assume USD prices.

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I think there are websites that give you the day’s USD to CAD exchange rate. If you could write a script that gets the exchange rate for the day from that website and you save the exchange rate once a day (make sure you just get the exchange rate once a day from that website, don’t continuously pound that website or else that website will block you), you could probably put in brackets something like “approximately $XX.XX USD” so that US customers understand the price in USD (and you could have an explanation that it’s an approximate price in USD but the final USD charged depends on the credit card company or PayPal’s exchange rate).

Yeah, that originally scared me off (and probably some more people), also the Roman Design website showed the dollar symbol. After I realized it costs about 18 USD I went ahead and bought it. And I’ve just finished my first flight from Kelowna and no regrets here - it’s a beautifully crafted airport and apparently made with love. Plus the whole area is awesome, the approach to runway 09 is breathtaking. I can’t wait to do some more flights from/to there.


Good point, I’m adding multi-currency to my website then. The transaction would still go through PayPal so the actual charge would be converted by PayPal, but at lest people will see their currency displayed so it’s going to be less confusing…


Yeah, I think that would be good for the customers that come to your website. I would guess a lot of customers that come to your website are not Canadian, so they are used to seeing prices in USD. Even the European customers that shop for add-ons in MSFS are probably used to seeing USD.

For PayPal, they usually charge a slightly higher exchange rate than the market exchange rate, something like 2.5% higher than the market exchange rate. You can just add this extra % PayPal charges in to the daily exchange rate you get, if you show customers the price that they pay in USD on PayPal (with a disclaimer this price in USD is approximate and may be slightly different than the final PayPal price).

Anyways, I’m just hoping to help you boost your sales. Cheers.

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Thanks. I added CAD/USD/EUR with a switcher and country detection, but it reverts to CAD during checkout - PayPal would take care of the conversion.


Think I may have found a strange bug, and hoping someone can verify.

If you own the Fenix A320, Load up cold and dark at CYYJ. Have your standby instrument set to ISIS and when you put power to the aircraft, does the INIT 90 actually count down for you? Or stuck at 90?

This only seems to be happening here, I have not tried emptying my Community Folder yet, but I’ve bene flying the Fenix forever with all my addons, this is the first time I’ve seen this. If I change airports, it counts down as expected.

Let me know what you see!


Just did some further, testing, removed all addons but CYYJ and FENIX, issue remains. Remove RomanDesigns CYYJ and use stock and works just fine.

Some type of weird conflict between this scenery and the standby ISIS instrument on the Fenix A320.


After taxing away from the main terminal, the Standby came online. Seems like there is some type of conflict at the gate / terminal.

Just bought CYYJ tonight and installed it. Very impressive, as all your sceneries have been! Will there be a GSX profile done for it?

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Was going to ask about that. Hopefully someone uploads a profile on flightsm…to🤞

I don’t have it and I have no idea what are you talking about :slight_smile: I doubt that the only ISIS I heard about has anything to do with this :slight_smile: There’s nothing I could do that could even in theory interfere with avionics, other than auto-tuning ILS frequencies. At least to the best of my knowledge… If it’s a bug, it’s probably a bug that has to do with something else, like polygon count, GPU/CPU load, number of animations running ot anything else in general that could be more pronounced near the terminal… But most likely it’s just a coincidental bug.

Thanks! I don’t use GSX profiles as I don’t own it, but someone else may do that. They did it with my CYOW.

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It’s on the Wishlist for Reverentan (RW Profiles), I suspect they’ll get it out sooner than later.

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Well, I haven’t stopped updating. After several days wasted on working around Blender exporter bugs, Thre’s a finally working custom jetway. It’s a significant visual improvement on the stock one:

  • More realistic dimensions, especially in the retracted state
  • Custom textures
  • Stairway with the door
  • Lighted 3-side gate number
  • 3 glowing beacons
  • Illuminated entry/exit areas
  • Logo sign
  • Real windows
  • Hi-res PBR material for the rotunda metal planks I created from real photos
  • 2 “headlights” that illuminate the area in front of the cab
  • Red-white stripes on the sides so you won’t bump your head passing under it
  • Gentle signs of wear and weathering

And a lot of smaller improvements. Looks really close to the real one, down to the small details.

Coming soon in an update, along with some additional fixes etc.


I hope this one with it’s updates comes to the Xbox soon, people been bugging me like crazy to review it lol. This one is going to get some extra special tender loving care with full walk around the airport to see every part of this masterpiece. You always keep amazing me my friend. Awesome work


It’s going to take a bit. The original release is still in the queue for Microsoft testing, then after it clears and I do my local testing of the package it goes into the Marketplace. So it can be a couple of weeks until the first version goes to Xbox, if QA doesn’t find any problems with it. If the new update will be ready by then, I can submit it after the first one releases, and it will take another round of waiting and QA to get to XBox. But it will get there eventually…

Also, I think I’ll put a “driver” person inside a jetway because why not?


The update v1.2.0 is now live! I’m not going to post a separate announcement as it’s very soon after release.

Update 1.2.0:

  • New custom jetways with illumination, glowing gate signs, airport signs, stairs, and a driver behind a transparent glass
  • We Love VFR compatibility
  • Multiple model, markings and terrain fixes

I just downloaded new version but after downloading it says ver 1.1.3 still and there are dips at gates 13 & 4

Where does it say 1.1.3? The jetways are new, so it’s the new version…
I’ll look at the dips, but I did no changes in terrain anywhere close to the terminal. MSFS never ceases to amaze me with random terraforming issues…


the download button on your website says v1.2.0 but it downloads an archive named “romandesign-airport-cyyj-v1.1.3-598134can.zip”

Very impressive! Thanks so much!

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Everyone, please download again, even if you already downloaded the 1.2.0 update. I had to recompile the version as I found a couple of glitches but didn’t change the version number because it’s too soon. I used the opportunity to add some features:

  • Updates all gates. Gates without jetways will now spawn mobile stairs when requested or when the appropriate AI traffic will spawn. MSFS has a limitation: Gateways without jetways generate a warning, so they have to be set to GA-LARGE PARKING. Then ATC will send stairs when asked for. However that may spawn GA aircraft, despite the large size of the parking spots. FSLTL is highly recommended - when testing the scenery with heavy FSLTL settings, it spawned 3 large turboprop planes looking like Dash-8 or similar, in appropriate airline liveries - WestJet, Air Canada etc. - no Cessnas at the gates :slight_smile:
  • Terminal and some other collision lights are now much prettier.
  • removed some accidental centerline taxi lights
  • updated some models

Thanks, corrected.

corrected now

You’re Welcome!