RTX 3080 benchmarks are out

DX12 isn’t a magic bullet either. There still will be a mainThread to sync all the data to render a frame dx12 isn’t going to change that. Reading some performance benchmarks between dx11 and 12 shows it’s not always faster and can actually be much worse dependent on implementation and cpu/gpu used.

It reads like dx12 will help with low/mid tier cpus and AMD gpus mostly so yea, i do see it may help a little, but don’t expect a massive FPS jump or no more CPU limiting :smiley:


I’ll be interested to see how the “balance of power”, between the CPU and GPU, is changed by the upcoming patch and also, once the VR patch has been applied, hopefully in October, whether that moves the bottleneck more towards the GPU??

Well Linus also mentioned the biggest uplifts in performance from the 2080ti to 3080 is Vulkan and DX12 titles

That’s 4K, highest settings… Those numbers are astounding for a sim this detailed.

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I have a 2070 Super and MSFS leaves TONS of VRAM empty, leaving my CPU as the limiting factor accd to the devmode readouts. (9900k). I’m running triple 1080’s via Nvidia surround (5760x1080)
I guess a better move for me would be upgrading the CPU first.

I don’t think if you have a 20 series super that it’s worth the upgrade unless you have money burning a hole in your pocket.

I actually went to the effort to turn down the render scaling from 100 back to 80 (GTX1080 @ 4K) and was actually surprised to see a noticeable bump in frames. A320 at JFK was up from maybe 19-22FPS in the cockpit (Screens on) to about 28-34FPS? I then loaded up at a very foggy Queenstown (NZQN) in the Cockpit and saw 34-38 (then locked it at 30FPS and it didn’t drop under)

I couldn’t really see much difference between 100 Render Scaling and 80… so seeing these videos of people testing the 3080 at 200 Render Scaling on 4K… and having sluggish performance at 4K really isn’t surprising me. Drop it back to 100 and leave everything else scaled up to give a better idea of what we’ll really see.

Additionally, As a bit of a shameless plug (Maybe a little bit of shame felt) - Please, if you haven’t already done so and are considering an RTX 30 series… Please go and smash the vote button in the DX12 thread.

If we can get DX12 implemented, along with other efficiencies - I’m sure we’ll all start seeing performance in the Sim we can all be happy with. (The efficiencies can come either way but if we stay on DX11 forever, there’s little chance of Ray Tracing or Deep Learning Super Sampling (DLSS) further down the track)

Thanks everyone.


Benchmarks are out and it doesnt look good. RTX 3080 cant play this game at a nice 60 fps…


I currently get 32 @1440 with ultra, so I’ll take that jump to 53@ 4k…to be exact.

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GN says 53 at 4K high. 50 at 1440 would indicate CPU-bound so not the card’s fault…
They should have tested 4K ultra too, my guess is it doesn’t lower much.

someone will hopefully benchmark again after this week’s patch.

They should have tuned down the LOD sliders to get GPU performance w/o hitting the CPU limit first.

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I think all these benchmarks may show is that 2080 Ti owners may have gotted burned twice.

They have a card they don’t want, and a new card they don’t need.

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Hope everyone looking to get the 3000 series pays close attention to the power required.
I expect we’ll be seeing a lot of graphics crash reports due to underpowered power supplies.

@grampers62 lready got a Corsair RM850x ready to go. :wink:

Yes render scaling makes a huge difference in fps, which is why i always ask what its set to when people complain about fps. Even when I go from 100 to 110, i see a big drop in fps at 1440.


@tgsweat10 It’s only something I’m just learning about now. I’ve read now in a couple of places that if you’re running your Sim at 4K - 80% should be fine… I dropped it and was quite happy to see it gave me a bit of a boost with no noticeable drawback.

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+1fps on MSFS :flushed: think I will keep my 2080ti for now :+1:

Lol just wait until the 3090 drops. That’s 14GB more ram than the 3080 which I’m sure FS2020 will utilize.

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Bottlenecked by the sim’s engine.When the sim gets patched and gets DX12 and I am expecting a wider performance gap between these cards but I am not getting my hopes up for DX12.


They need to migrate to DX12 to launch on Xbox correct?