RTX 3080 benchmarks are out

Bottlenecked by the sim’s engine.When the sim gets patched and gets DX12 and I am expecting a wider performance gap between these cards but I am not getting my hopes up for DX12.


They need to migrate to DX12 to launch on Xbox correct?

I’ll probably just go for the 3090 and call it done. I know the new architecture fares predominantly well with DX12 compatible titles - so we can only hope DX12 will be made available with FS2020 in the future, allowing for improved perf/price across the board.

A poorly written sim is mistaken for graphics power hog.


They forgot to set texture supersampling to 8x8. 6x6 is less stressing.
Also they flew in easy scenery areas.
Better would be to know what will happen for example at LA / Seattle low level maxed out etc.
DLSS 2.0 gave doubled frames with right coding and also pixel package calculation.

You might want to look at this discussion:


Very disappointed, its time to shift to DX12

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I’ll replace my GPU when DX12 is everywhere

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Looks good coming from a 1080ti! Although I’m only at 1080p so I’ll keep mine a while longer. Plus I’ve already seen 10.6GB of VRAM so the 11GB is a must.

I’ll be updating my PC first as it is only a 4 core i7 laptop with a 2080ti in an eGPU.

It’ll be the first time I’ve had a desktop in 10 years :grin:

Don’t forget if you are an EVGA card user, you might be eligible for their Step-up program if you bought your GPU recently.

I want to see benchmarks of a 3090 on a powerful CPU and with patch #2

I’ve got a 2080ti and have to agree I’m probably better served upgrading my 2700x to a Zen 3 or Intel than I am upgrading to a 3080/90

They need to redo these benchmarks since the new patch is out today!

Good time to get a 2080ti for cheap.

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This is from JayzTwoCents. 3080 shines slightly with 4K over 2080ti, but 2K not so much.

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Who plays in 1080p? :wink:

How do u even no that Dx 12 would give any marginal increase it looks like that patch has already helped allot of peoples FPS. And I am a a developer so I no how to code and I no it will be down to the renders more than anything being used.

Doesn’t look right. The HD numbers are lower than 4k. Maybe it has to do with the CPU used in both tests.

Have a 860 watt in the machine and a new 1000 watt supply under the desk. Hoping to score the 3090.

Why would you want to get a second hard 2080Ti when you can get a new 3080 for very similar prices?..or a cheaper 3070 for that matter.

I can’t speak for others but I have an Alienware and the 3080 won’t fit my case. So it’s either wait for a version that fits and pay a premium or get a new PC.

If the performance different isn’t a huge leap and you can find a 2080ti for a good price it would make sense to upgrade rather than spending thousands getting a new PC.