RTX 4070 Ti - Quest 3 - Virtual Desktop question

While I’m sure you can get pretty good results with VD, I recommend you at least try Link with a decent Link cable. I’ve found that I always get the very best/smoothest results with Link (better distant clarity and 7-10ms less latency).

I have provided my Link (and Air Link) settings in a separate thread and you may want to review those and give them a go. I have a bit stronger rtx4090 gpu but since you have a bit stronger cpu (compared to my i913900k) I think you’ll find the setting should work out ok. With these, I haven’t found it necessary to use OpenXR Toolkit anymore btw. Also, I haven’t seen any significant differences for Air Link at 200mbps dynamic bitrate vs VD at 130mbps av1 (Q3) or 150mbps hevc (QPro) wireless clarity/performance.

Anyway, up to you if you want to try these.