RTX3070 LOD settings usercfg.opt

Hi all,

What are the LOD settings in the usercfg.opt that you have found work with the RTX3070? I find anything about 2.0 creates significant stutters.

With LODs at 2.0 my VRAM usage is 5.7 GB. At LOD 3.0 it goes to 6.0 GB, but I also get stutters, although there should be around 2 GB VRAM still available.

I5-10600K / 32GB / RTX3070 / 1 TB M2 SSD

Decrease off screen terrain pre-caching settings.
Options > general options > graphics

Higher LOD settings are pretty CPU heavy, so you’re probably CPU limited when you get the stutters, not GPU. (Being GPU limited rarely causes stutters at all.)


Good one, will test that one as well.

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True, it is indeed mainly CPU limited when looking at the FPS window. What are the main drivers there to improve without reducing quality too much? Any suggestions?

At LOD 4 is looks really stunning with no signicant pop in anymore.

I did a test after the latest World Update with VRAM usage and LOD settings. Perhaps you might find this useful to answer your questions.

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