Rudder has a mind of its own

So this happens for sure in VR - I have all assists set to off for “Piloting” and without even toughing my flight stick my rudder pedals will suddenly start moving all by themselves causing any aircraft to become almost impossible to fly. I’ll straighten everything out and then magically moments later again my pedals shift and the plane dives. I do not have a physical set of pedals just a Thrustmaster HOTAS which I have to twist left and right for rudder control.

Has anyone else experienced this? I even turn off all wind to make sure nothing is happening there and still it’s an issue.

Have you checked the sensitivity settings? A considerable amount of people seem to have problems with the rudder axis. It appears normal in Windows joystick settings but jitters like crazy in the sensitivity menu. Workaround would be to increase the deadzone until it stops.

I don’t want to scare you but I had to set mine to around 50. Others reported they were fine with ~10, though.

Wow so this is weird. I’m looking at the controls within the game menu and when I move my hands on either side of the joystick the rudder bar moves. What’s funny is I’m not even touching the joystick and moving slow enough where nothing is touching the desk, almost like interference or something. Can the deadzone be adjusted in the game or a windows config? Thanks for the reply!


Double check your controller with joy.cpl in Windows. Chances are it doesn’t show this behavior there.

For the deadzone: it should be adjustable within the sensitivity menu (upper left side of the controls menu, right above the list).

I just checked that and it actually is happening there. I re-calibrated the joystick and sure enough, same thing. The little red bar is moving on its own there as well. I’m wondering if there is some interference going on since it really does move more when my hand is to the left or right of the joystick and the bar actually follows my hand motion. Super weird, I’ve never seen this before. One would think that moving my hand left and right of the joystick would interfere with the X Axis not the Z rotation.

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I don’t know much about these things but I can imagine that the Z-axis gets at least triggered a tiny bit. It might depend on how the controller is constructed, I don’t know.

I think I fixed it! So there is a dial underneath the joystick to stiffen it up a bit. I cranked on that dial in both directions a bit and now everything appears to be working fine again. I’m no longer able to reproduce the issue. I don’t know what the heck was going on. The part that threw me off was that my hands caused it to move without touching the joystick, oh well, fingers crossed it stays working. Thanks for the feedback!!

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Some sort of magnetic disturbance? Joystick possibly using a hall effect sensor and your watch or wedding ring is being detected?

Erroneous signals from controllers that are in a position close to their center point does affect MSFS.
This a known problem.
You solved it by taking the play out of the controller so it wasn’t sending an erroneous signal.
If this re-occurrs, as mentioned above, put a deadzone on each of the controller axis.
A while back that could range up to 20%.
Lately more in the range of 5%.

I own a Thrustmaster TCA Airbus sidestick.

After a month of use I also started getting these strange false inputs even when not touching the stick.

The windows USB controller panel showing the issue was the controller sending erroneous inputs, not the game.
Unfortunately I am not the only one with this issue : it’s a common Thrustmaster joystick problem for T16000 and TCA. I didn’t know the much more expensive hotas model also had this issue.

The problem lies inside the stick : the wires for the buttons are not secured properly inside the handle and are pressing on the Rudder axis sensor. The sensor picks up interference from the wires (power isn’t smooth), and you get these false inputs.

You have 2 options :

  • Return to Manufacturer (if you are still under guarantee, takes time, no guarantee the stick will come back fixed)
  • Fix it yourself : unscrew the handle’s case to open it, untangle the wires and secure them to make sure they no longer press on the sensor

(I did option 2 on my Thrustmaster TCA sidestick, works like new)

Interesting, thank you. I can still return it for a refund so I may do just that and try another joystick.

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