Rudder pedals for MSFS2020

I see what you mean. Yes, with the MFG’s you can make very fine movements, as there is no detent to traverse. They feel really nice to use, and the damper kit helps some of that snap back you would get with just the springs. I have the damper quite hard, and the spring just tight enough to stop it flapping about.

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I don’t have the damper, did think about getting them but mainly for helicopters.

I have these and love them, the favourite part of my flight setup by far. They make the Honeycomb yoke and throttle quadrant feel rather cheap and plasticy in comparison.

They seem to be disliked by ultra enthusiasts for some reason, I think because they are commercial rather than boutique, but having used them for a year I struggle to see what the crosswinds or slaws do that these can’t?

These are super adjustable , you can change the height, angle and spring tension of the toe breaks to suit your fancy, and at least in my opinion they actually look good, unlike the slaws and crosswinds that look ugly to my admitedly undiscerning eye.

I don’t know if this analogy makes sense but I feel if rudder pedals were shoes, the Thrustmaster TPR’s would be a pair of attractive, black, leather Chelsea boots, whilst the slaws would be a pair of ugly, brown Birkenstocks.

Shots fired!

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Avoid CH they are awful. They are designed to double as a car pedal and hence have a heavy detent to keep them centred. Annoying in an aircraft and making them impossible to use properly in a helicopter. They also have a lot of issues with things like the brake pedal wires snapping and needing to be resoldered continually.

You can rebuild them to make them more useable (chisel out the detent, stronger springs etc) but it is a lot of work.

What is involved in making the CH pedals more usable:

I like the Thrustmaster TFRP Rudder pedals.
They do there job and they are affordable.
The pedals work great with MSFS.
The only thing they don’t have is adjustable tension, but for me the tension is just right.
I have shoe size 42 (8.5) and my feet fit perfectly on the pedals with the heel rests fitted.

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I’m using Virpils (VPC ACE Collection fitted with the “Interceptor” setup. I am very happy with them, and support was A+ when I had a little issue with them.
All metal construction and hefty!
The only thing with Virpil that could be improved is the software, but saying that it gives you plenty of configuration depth.

The only others I would consider are Thrustmaster TPR. The thing with TPR’s is that they are Thrustmaster, so certainly wouldnt be expecting the same level of service that I have gotten from Virpil if there was an issue.