Rudder Pedals sensitivity

As soon as I touch my Thrustmeter Hotas 4 Joystick the rudder pedals move erratically. Is there a way you can adjust the sensitivity of the rudder? Note that I haven’t got any rudder pedals, just the T.Flight Hotas 4

Do you have a deadzone on that axis?

Is the Rudder controlled by the sensitivity setting of JOYSTICK R-AXIS X? I am confused about this setting. The Joystick - Axis X is the Ailerons and the Joystick L-Axis Y are the Elevators. The Joystick L-Axis is the Throttle. My Rudder is allocated to Joystick R-Axis Z. So what is the Joystick R-Axis X then?

That RX axis certainly looks odd.
Here is a link to a thread where this exact issue is discussed.

Yes I wonder what this R-AXIS X is, because when I turn the Joystick nothing moves on this Axis. Its not even listed in the flight control settings and its shown in the sensitivity settings.

Does your controller have the throttle on the base?
It could be that.

Be carefull with that link, SevenFlyer… that’s an october 2020 topic and rudder behaviour has changed in the november update. It will now get stronger while you sustain the action. Keep the key pressed, or hold the stick in one direction. You can set all kinds of things with pedals and sticks. It may help to reduce sensitivity, when it behaves erratic and increase sensitivity when rudder is to weak, or does not allow “tapping”.

Tip: on the ground, go external camera… look at the rudder of your aircraft and see what it does, instead of testing things in flight. Rudder has a certain feel in this game. When using the keyboard, I tap it gently, rather than hold the key. Before november, I could not handle a YM5 takeoff, after the mod I could learn it. It is still a mess, but at least I can get the airplane up without eating the grass.

When you look at youtube video’s presenting old tail draggers, you’ll notice that the alternately moved the rudder left and right, to keep it straight on takeoff. A Cessna still needs a few taps… at least when you put the auto-rudder Assist off. Better do switch that Assist off, to get a good feel of it. Especially if you want to fly the Pitch, or Savage Cub. Below tail dragger pilot is using the rudder walk on a landing too…

Tail Dragger Rudder Dance

Yes the throttle is on the base but that is the JOYSTICK L-AXIS Z

I think it’s related to the last update.
My TCA Airbus controller has a similar issue since WU3.