Rudder trim has no effect!

It’s visual only. Tested mid-flight on the Beechcraft Bonanza. But if you move the rudder manually, then you definitely see the effect.

The Bonanza does not have an adjustable rudder trim, only elevator and aileron trim.

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But the rudder moves when adjusting the trim! So either it shouldn’t move and act, or it should move and act.

Similar problem here. Steps taken to fix haven’t worked, and my sim is basically unplayable. I’m hoping there’s a fix soon.

Your problem is quite different. You seem to have stuck trims? I haven’t seen that, but you may want to check your key assignments for resetting the trim and try to reset them if you haven’t. From what I’ve seen only the rudder trim is reset-able, but all planes should start with neutral trims when you load a new flight.

The issue I reported here has nothing to do with stuck trims, just the rudder trim on some planes that has no effect on the physics, even though you can see the rudder deflected.

Rudder trim seems ineffective, so to counteract engine torque I’ve been using aileron trim. Not realistic but it works.

if your rudder sensitivity is not stable in the controls try to change the sensitivity for your joystick in the control settings in the sim!. - sensitivy button is on the left in the control overview in detail: change the deadzone

this maybe works then fine for you for all flights

same problem on A320

I fly the Bonanza 90 % of the time and mine does this also! while in AP/NAV mode or heading…pedals are showing the left input in the aircraft and outside rudder is deflected and the plane tracks with a lean to the left. I disable NAV mode for a few secs and the plane levels off and then back to NAV mode and it will come back again after about 5 mins. All assist are off…recalibrated pedals and reset sensitvity. its a problem with this aircraft…just did a flight with the 172…perfect flight…

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It’s not just the Bonanza. It seems it’s a common bug on all planes that don’t have a rudder trim in real life but they do in the game where it has no effect. I confirmed the Robin Cap10 has this issue too. Rudder gets deflected with the trim, but the plane keeps flying as if it hasn’t.

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