Rumors of the RTX 4090, 2x RTX 3090 Performance, Late Q4, 2022

If the rumor is true, it would be pretty awesome. Now if Nvidia could just make the card smaller overall…and have an anti-scalping distribution scheme …

Quote from article:

This should ensure 4K 120FPS+ gaming in the very next-gen games with ray tracing, and I’m sure we’re going to be introduced to next-gen black magik DLSS 3.0 technology with Ada Lovelace which will only make things better again.

A year away from now is a long time, so we should expect refreshed Ampere GPUs in the form of the GeForce RTX 30 SUPER series graphics cards in between now and Q4 2022.

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NVIDIA GeForce RTX 4090 leaks: beast GPU, 100%+ faster than RTX 3090 | TweakTown

Yes, but will you be able to buy one ?


Let’s hope it comes out with the de-hashing technology so that the miners won’t snatch it up!

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Nah, but you might be able to get an RTX30xx by then.


Wow great. They haven’t been remotely able to satisfy demand of the existing cards for 9 months and now make us salivate for the next generation …


Crazy thing is here in Aus, a 2080S still fetches $1200 - $1300 brand new. A 3080 10G card is down to about $2300. So I reckon I could sell my 2080S for $1000 and have a $1300 change over to a 3080. Will see what improvements SU5 brings and then decide… :slight_smile:

The continuous new GPU\CPU progress on the market, will benefit and help ASOBO to increase beyond Ultra option quality + we can still modifies CFG manually, that is something XBox is locked.

The RTX 4090 is out, already :slight_smile:


This made my day mate, thanks for this :grinning:

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How one kid got a RTX 3090 now: 11 year old gets around Newegg’s lottery system and secures himself an RTX 3090 | PC Gamer

Sadly none of us can take advantage of this neat little trick: Newegg has closed the loophole, which involved building a custom made-to-order PC.

Using the ‘Build your PC’ feature on the site, you can cherry pick components (like GPUs) for a custom system; the parts show up as individual items in your shopping cart, letting you skip past the lottery system for hot items that were otherwise unavailable. Before Newegg closed the loophole, you could delete the items you didn’t want and check out with just the GPU instead of a full PC build.

Honestly, the 4090 will get one step closer to just having a separate graphics handler that looks, tastes, and smells, like a second PC. Before high end graphics cards were a thing, having a dedicated second PC like machine to handle the graphics was thought to be the best way to handle things.

I actually wouldn’t mind having the gpu in its own case, with it’s own cooling, away from my gaming area, to reduce heat and noise.


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It will be tough for sure. That’s why I’m in line at Micro Center already.

SHHHHHHHH about Micro Center its a secret too many people already know about them. If any more know maybe they should start seeking a Partnership with MSFS. ;p

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I have a 3090, it`s pretty awesome allready.

Further rumors of RTX 4090, requiring 450 to 650 W power, meaning PC might need a 1200 W PSU to support the device et al.

Nvidia RTX 4090 GPU could be almost three times faster than the RTX 3090 | TechRadar

Click bait I think. There’s always a ton of rumours that the next generation of GPU’s are always going to be (insert improbably high number here) times the power of the current high end GPU’s. Then they arrive and they’re about 20% faster than the current range.

The rule of thumb I find is that every other generation of GPU’s is significantly more powerful. Thats why the 3000 series has been so popular, because if you had a 1000 series then the 3000 series offered significant improvement. I can bet you the 4000 series won’t be a quantum leap up from the 3000 series.

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These rumors would be a good thing, because that could curb the demand for 3090s enough that the prices finally come down. Would you buy a completely overpriced card if you suspect to get a much faster card for the same insane price in 12 months?

GFX cards are the new gold rush and no doubt this will work the same for the successor card. I don’t believe that anyone involved is really interested in changing that miner/scalper/artificial scarcity situation, that people still happily pay twice the initially announced MSRP while the 3090s are in sufficient supply now seems to prove that this is working just too well for the industry.

Even before the gpu shortage it seemed like simmers were picking 3080’s over the 3090’s. Right now is the 3090 the best card for MSFS?

The NVIDIA RTX 4090 TI should come in October
Will it allow MSFS2020 to work with all the options in max?

A configuration with the RTX 4090 TI and the PIMAX 12K would be great, No?