Runway glitch causes crash

I noticed a strange glitch on the runways at different airports.
The broken textures cause the plane to crash during landing due to the bumps.
before the 2nd patch this problem did not appear. These problems only occur at photogrammetry airports. As soon as I deactivate photogrammertry the glitches are gone.

Is there anyone who has this problem?
Any advices are welcome, thanks.


Yes, multiple users have crashed into invisible terrain objects, and visible ones that shouldn’t be there.

I recommend that you submit a bug report to zendesk (link at the top of the page). Hopefully, the developer, Asobo, will fix it someday. You can also post a thread in the “bugs and issues” sub-forum. Actually, the moderator can probably just move this one over there.

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EDIT: Here is another one

Where is that at? I want to see if it’s reproducible.

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Yes, could be that it is texture issue

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More in my reply

This was captured at EDDC.

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Yes I noticed a similar thing but it didn’t make my plane crash. When I did a manual cache of an airport (in a photogrammetry region) I noticed strange lines going across the runway, almost like the runway has spit in half. The lines are white in colour. When I fly same runway with photogrammetry off they disappear. Have you raised a ticket with Zendesk?

I tried it with ultra, high and mid-settings but it didn’t change something. It seems this is caused by too slow loading textures.
But thanks anyway

I’m not getting what you got.

I don’t use any mods, and my cache is always cleared after exiting MSFS. I also do not use any manual cache. So all data is pulled fresh and since no mods, it’s using MSFS default textures.

I’m using Ultra settings (tweaked).

I have already tried it with different LOD levels and resolutions. I also tested the overall quality from low to ultra. manual cache is disabled…nothing changed.

It seems this glitches come with slow/ unloaded textures (see below)

I get the issue,
What is the airport/runway seen in capture? :slight_smile:

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Wow it’s not just me, I was using the ai to land in New York on 04L and then it just happened I was so shocked.

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This is from EDDP. If I start direct on the runway less errors but if you arrive from other airports it’s terrible.

When landing at KLNK (Lincoln Nebraska) on runway 18 I noticed the same thing. I had already slowed to taxi speed, so did not crash, but it was like hitting a speed bump.

Same thing has happened to me at San Diego, Oakland, and San Gabriel airports.

Yes EDDP have issues, see capture, in an area of a bridge over the train line, the aircraft just dive into the ground, and full of bumps all over.
Feel free to issue a bug and to use my picture:)

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Crashed yesterday with my King Air on EDDC (26L?). There were 1 feet steps on the runway and on full length of it about every 300ft.

In patch there is a fix for what looks like ground crashes feel free to check :flying_saucer:

I have experienced the, “Speed bumps” myself, but this is one of the more dramatic ones I have seen.