Runway lights issue

All have same issues yes @CD0139

How do I change the DX @zooze74 please?

So did you test with just the base game installed?

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Yes, I especially tested the airports without the addons, at vanilla level, didn’t see a correlation.

in the graphics options you can select DX11 or DX12. Change the version to the other and see if it still has the same issue.

Ah, unfortunately we can’t do that on Xbox we have no graphics option

The vanilla version do LFMN last night

Anyone have any more ideas as every airport I land at is like this and the game is virtually unplayable

This problem plagues the Xbox series S as runway lights rely on having some spare RAM. I haven’t had a problem since switching to series X except when I had Orbx UK mesh installed. Flights over the UK suddenly meant no runway lights so check what scenery packs you have installed for areas that you flew over

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I have two addon Airports, they were working fine until SU15 then for some reason stopped working :sob:

Fixed found!!!

Unfortunately it will cost but the runway enhancement solution seems to have fixed the bug for all those wondering.

Update: Definitely improvement but PAPIs not there :frowning:

I still get it from time to time with the runway lights enhancement pack.

Not to say the pack isn’t excellent though.

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Sounds bad. I agree this was sorted in the final beta but since public release something appears to have changed.

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Ye I’ve stopped playing the game now as I physically can’t

Are you on series S?

Yes I am, still hanging in there @UKairwaysTTV , hasn’t been thrown at my window yet :slight_smile:

Just did some more testing today, I did a round trip in a default area from LFBO and flew out of the airport and flew in back to LFBO over the city. The issue then returning even though I returned to the same airport and the runway didn’t render in properly again but at least no CTD. Sim still unplayable on my end :frowning:

I don’t want to jinx it, but for the first time, the lights worked :face_holding_back_tears:

Have the same.
Sometimes the lights comes before or after the touchdown or completely not.
It’s very frustrating cause this issue is new to me.

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