Runway lights issue

Hello all,

I have done a few flights now with this issue.

When coming in to land at any runway at Schipol or other airports runway lights are not visible at night time.
Only the approach lights are visible, the runway is very hard to see so it has taken some practice to just know where the aiming point is. The only visible light on the runway is the turnoff lights. No PAPIs, thresholds, centreline, edge lights are visible whatsoever. Has anyone else had this issue or could possible help find a workaround?

Thank you!

Got to admit… I’m kind of excited to hear this. Runways are WAY harder to see IRL than in sim. I’m not in a spot to fly right now, but I’ll try a “night flight” in the morning and report back.

See also that bug report:

I’ve read this, but no one seems to have a work around in nearly 2 years @DementedCorn327

I think there is a difference between being hard to see and them just not being on :joy:

PAPI and Runway lights were working in the last week of beta before SU15 went public. Just flew tonight and they are missing again :face_vomiting:

Can anyone address this or potentially reproduce the issue as this sounds like an new issue not the one which was linked above

This is the thread I refer to in the linked post. I’ve done a bit of testing on Xbox X with no issues.

I’m at Amsterdam Schiphol airport and it all seems to be ok this end:

At Night:

At Dusk:

I’ve obviously started direct on the runway, and not come in on an approach, just wondering if you start on the runway does it work? (I’m on Runway 24).


It was on the Flytampa schipol and any of the runways that have PAPIs

If you load directly onto the runway at night, like I’ve done can you ping across a picture of what you get please.

The problem isn’t at departure. It’s after flying for a few hours and finding the arrival runway only has the approach lighting. With the runway edge, centre lights and PAPI unlit.

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Ahh ok thats important info. I will do a night flight from heathrow to amsterdam later and see what happens.

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Just flew for an hour and all the lights were on.

You definitely need to plan with world map and save pln. Then do a fresh restart from the wall socket then load pln and clear rolling cache. Minimise use of the flight tablet and not use the moving map function.

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Agreed, just flew from London Heathrow to Schiphol and all works fine. Which normally means its an add on thats causing an issue:

Apologies for the late reply, I have now got a screenshot of a high quality representation of the issue.

I am on an ILS for Runway 22 at EHAM. The weather was live and we had high rain intensity but visibility was acceptable.

The first image shows the zoomed in when we are about 7/8nm out from the runway. At this point this is probably a realistic representation of what we can expect to see for runway lights

The picture below shows 180’ which does not represent realistic visibility of lights on the runway and is a clear representation of the issue I have experienced

Then upon reaching the runway threshold, this is the visual of the runway.

I understand that some have reported dim lights, but this literally contains no lights apart from approach lights, I’ve not seen this fully replicated anywhere else for a considerable period of time.

Is there a possible solution I can try as nothing has worked so far

Assuming you are using DX12? what happens if you switch to DX11, I see your issue with the pics thats really odd.

It was working fine until it didn’t @zooze74. I’m not sure if changing my DX will help at all

Nobody has commented on the fact that the OP says it is with FlyTampa’s Schipol mod. Mod issue after SU15?

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Thats a good spot, and does it work without the mod?