Runway Tears Awareness (Added link to new Bug Report)

I have made a glitch fix for EDDW. You can download it here:
If anybody could test it, this would be great.
I also made a tutorial, which i will release, if this is tested well.

Runway fissures are unacceptable. Really destroys the enjoyability of the sim. This happens almost every landing now, B78X. Is airport specific and aircraft? Certain airports tend to be worse offenders.

Please try EDDW with my fix. If this works i will release a Tutorial on how to fix Airports that have glitches.

This is my post, got some pictures of the problem in there.

Glitch fix for KBNA - Nashville International is out. No more crashes when landing there (with jets). There are some light issues in front of the runways, but taxiing and landing is smooth now until Asobo comes with a fix.

As I said: If I get some positive feedback from people testing this, i will release a Tutorial on how to do it (which is almost ready).

Also see my glitch fix for EDDW:

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I flew three circuits around KBNA this afternoon in the 787 and no runway tearing at all.

I’m just curious what it is your mod files are doing to the terrain to prevent them?

I tried your KBNA fix and it cured the problem completely. I would like to try and fix my home airport KSAC. Where can I find your tutorial? I wish the developers would fix all of them.

Thanks for your efforts! I am very interested in your fix tutorial.

Thanks for testing. The Tutorial can be downloaded here:

Please upload your glitch fix for other people to

I’m still in hope that MS/Asobo will fix this, so we can delete the fixes again.

So if I’m understanding your tutorial write up correctly, you’re basically creating a new, completely flat polygon for the entire airport, including runways, taxiways, terminal area/ramp, etc.

That will certainly fix the tearing but it’s not “accurate” when the runway has different elevations. At least for U.S. airports like KBNA, the tearing is probably going to get worse rather than better once the new 1-meter resolution terrain map data gets implemented in the next World Update.

Although your fix certainly eliminates the problem for specific airports, it does so at a cost to realism and at best masks the underlying game coding issue(s) that cause the problem to begin with.

see it exactly like you. The underlying issues should be solved, but crashing with every landing with a jet (which i had at EDDW) or crashing even when beginning to taxi at KBNA is very frustrating. Especially, when you butter your landing and crash against a nonvisual wall after an hour long flight.

When this frustration can be removed at the cost of realism UNTIL the issues have been fixed within MSFS or by third party developers (for money), i would prefer less realism instead of crahsing a butter landing (no realism).


This is happening at many airports and regardless of whether it is your first flight.

If a user states this is happening at such, and such an airport, and then another user attempts to replicate, and does not see these tears, what does this suggest? Assuming we are all running the same sim for a moment, and nothing external to the sim can influence it, why would one user see a flat surface, and another tears?

Read some of the posts above and in the linked threads. Many of us have encountered the issue at numerous airports but here is the thing - IT ISN’T CONSISTENT EVEN FOR THE SAME USER. In other words, I can fly into or out of the same airport 4 or 5 times in a row without a problem but then run into the problem on the very same runway.

This seems to be a problem with how the sim streams photogrammetry data and then renders it over the elevation data. Whether it’s a thread-priority issue in the sim, some kind of corrupted data coming from the servers, et cetera we have no idea. Asobo/MS are the only ones who know and have never even acknowledged the problem publicly.

Several of us have filed Zendesk reports but my own report about Nashville was marked SOLVED (which simply means it’s been accepted into their system to look at) over a month ago. It would be nice if the developers would give us some idea about the root cause of the problem and why it is occurring randomly like it is.


I think I have only ever seen this once, but I have seen a possibly related thing quite often, and this is waterways where there are two distinct levels of water, and these move as you fly towards them. There is one where you take off from the freeware Machmell Fisheries. There is waterway to, I think, the West of it. It looks like an extreme form of the runway tears, where this one must be 50ft high.

My tutorial has been deleted from (reason: the tutorial is no addon…). I will upload it soon into my dropbox and share with you again.

I had this happen while trying to take off in KRNO, crashing multiple times. I finally switched to Drone and “walked” the runway and watched the gaps smooth out.

The Tutorial can be downloaded here:

That’s part of what we’re trying to understand. I have theories, but that’s all they are. Maybe the user that doesn’t experience the issue either has a better computer, or is coming in slow enough that the tears render in time. Maybe the player that experiences issues has some settings cranked too high causing the delay in rendering.

After a nice flight from Vancouver I just landed at KSEA. Happy about my smooth touchdown, I was rolling out without thinking of the runway glitch and then, bam, I crashed. So annoying!