Runway Tears / Terrain Issues in Photogrammetry Areas

Here is a fun one at KPHL.

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Impossible to play the game and have let my friends know, who are thinking about buying the game, that’s it’s pointless until this is fixed.

This evening I want to check if disabling the rolling cache makes a difference.

It doesn’t! I have tried. But let us know how it goes.

I was hoping this issue would get resolved with the sim update! Nope! Got it again tonight! 3rd leg of flight landing, every time. No matter where I fly… Hope they fix this!

Unbelivable bug!! Crashed in EDDM and other airports several time with the beachcraft, OMG !!!

Its also in germany… EDDP (Leipzig), EDDC (Dresden) and EDDN (Nürnberg) But it happens only at landing after a flight. When starting it seems to be ok. Furthermore there is no difference with stock, pay- or freeware.
I think the problems were introduced with WU3 (UK)

Yes, exactly. Starts worked fine, then crashes - for me, several times - at EDDM (Bremen) and also at EDDN (Nürnberg). That bug really hurts when you fly with an online airline, like OnAir and the whole flight for hours is ruined cause of the crash! ASOBO PLS FIX THIS SOON/FAST!

The problem is there for a veeerry long time now. Way prior to WU3.
It basically seems to be a “normal” artifact of the progressive terrain creation in photogrammetry regions … which seem to be rect-tile based … instead of the other areas that might be more like triangles or such (subdivison?) mesh types.

As I outlined in the past … I suspect a fix requires a major update of the core game engine. This is why I think that maybe the DirectX 12 (Xbox) time frame might (sadly) be the best to hope for.

I decided to mainly fly (land) in regions/cities without photogrammetry.
The world is big and amazing … and photogrammetry is still limited to only few countries. So I founds lots of interesting possibilities for my lazy-Goose sightseeing.

But I understand that all those out here who are in it for the “real airline simulation” part of the game, they are facing constant frustration due to this bug.


Sorry but only flying in regions that are not affected is not a suitable sollution.

From start there always have been issues the community needs to do workarounds.
Only to be named airport bridges that can’t be crossed without damage, airports that are (still after a year) not in the game, only use of generic models for multiplayer as the Real models would have caused electric failures in my own plane (don’t know if this is fixed meanwhile as I am still on generic models) etc etc.

And now you are telling me that if there is a problem with these edges in the runway then simply do not fly/land there.

Meanwhile I turned off crash detection so no problem with crashes but the airplane jumps up into the air when rolling over these edges.

But with every problem it seems we have to castrate the sim more and more.
So turning everything of that does not work in this SIMULATOR makes it a nice game but not a sim.

Hope you are right an things will get fixed with DX12 …and hope it will be done soon.

Everyone needs to report this over and over to Asobo/MS. I am hoping that they will come up with a solution. This makes the seem a very pool game to play.

Till Asobo fix this you have two choices:

  1. Continue to fly to those places, and get frustrated
  2. Don’t fly to those places

Whoever one you chose, you are still waiting for Asobo to fix it, but only one of them actually avoids the problem.

Sorry for not being more precise … that was not what I was suggesting to you or anyone else.

I was simply reporting on my personal situation (solution) and the bug (cause) related observations I made in the past. And, as I wrote, I fully understand that true simmers “are facing constant frustration due to this bug”

I am “hurting” in other areas … like the maps still not correctly updating the country borders or airport positions, takeoffs not being counted, key bindings being broken, erratic detection of button action, etc. There are so many little things that are/seem fairly trivial to fix.

But … I still greatly enjoy seeing the virtual world … especially during those times when real travel has become so complicated.

Really bad at KSAN today. 5 hour flight from Hawaii ended in landing gear damage… so frustrating

Been there, done that. If only terrain LOD data would get loaded in advance in the vicinity of airports. It wouldn’t have to be the whole surroundings. But just shortly before touchdown it would be great…

As others pointed out already, no difference at all.

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Still not fixed, and reported to Zendesk twice.

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And for the record, manually downloading photogrammetry for the airport location does not fix it either. Tried with KSYR RWY 10

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Yeah it Doesn’t seem anything fixes this issue! I have reported it at least three times and followed up on it.

Add KEWR Runway 22R to the list. Flipped the Cessna Longitude there. Will try with Photogrammetry off.