Ryanosaurs's 787 Liveries

The community has finally figured out and created a way in which multiple liveries can be added to the sim for the 787 without needing to replace or edit any official files. Huge thanks to the Megapack and FSdeveloper communities found above who have made this possible.

As a result, I present Singapore 787-10:

(Updated 5 Sept 2020, resized the folder, texture cleanup and new thumbnails)


B-17801 in 4k textures and includes all decals, even the Mandarin Exit/Door titles and WIFI logo. This paint is one of the first to utilize a mix of blender (3d) and 2d painting techniques. This means much smoother lines and better placement of logos than solely 2D paints. Find the original tutorial here: 3D Livery Painting on the MSFS Models

Link is in the master list above.


I’ll let the images speak for themselves…