Ryzen 9 3900x and RTX 2080S, still not enough?

Hey there!

I have read through a lot of posts here recently and got the idea that, yes it does have bad framerates but with a good pc you should be able to get decent frames.
Running the game at High, (have seen 0 difference between the framerates when switching to lower quality)

My Specs are:
AMD ryzen 9 3900x
Nvidia RTX 2080 Super
32 GB DDR 4 Ram
MEG 570 Unify Motherboard
Installed on 1TB m.2nvme Samung drive
Windows install on 512 SSD Samsung 981
Two BENQ XL2411P Monitors 144Hz

You would think with those specs I would be getting “good” framerates. I got really bad framestuttering yesterday, so I reinstalled everything (Clean install Windows and all drivers)

Well, it only got worse. It feels like I am playing on 10 Frames or less sometimes… Also what’s interesting, I am getting different Frame rate read outs from different Programs. Here are some screenshots:

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Cut off all online connections/functions and KI traffic for test

Here is the exact same Location, Everything Turned off:

I do not understand what the problem is with my PC, the game is neither using my CPU, GPU, or RAM to its fullest…

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Forgive my ignorance, but are you running at 4K? Or trying to at least?

He’s probably trying to run 4K ultra settings

Or his expectation is too high. He’s getting 50 FPS plus

No, I don’t even have a 4k Display

Try putting your render scaling at 100% and turn down AI traffic to 5% or put it on live traffic.

Worked for me at 3900X and 2080TI. Good luck :+1:

Thats the thing, if I actually had 50 Frames I wouldn’t be texting here. But Its “lagging” so bad, sometimes I can’t even click / flick switches…
it might say 50 Frames, but It playes like 10 or less.

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Also, I notice you’re still on the runway. When the game first loads you in, it often has a low FPS, but should correct itself out. I’m not saying that’s the issue, just an observation on my part.

windows energy saving settings to full ? defender off ?

Yeah thats true.

But I already logged over 27h Flight time the past week, even with the lag, but I cant be bothered to play like this anymore

I’m not sure what to say, but something else seems to be going on with your system. I have a much less system than yours, but can run on high settings at 1080p. I get max maybe 35 fps, but that’s perfectly fine for the sim. So I’m not really sure why you’re getting such low fps.

Power settings on max Performance,

Windows Firewall expections are set.

The problem is the GPU or not having DX12. I have played around with frame limit and adjusting the scenery from low to high to ultra. Only had small progress it is very hard to find the sweet spot. I have settled on a medium to hight setting for my graphics setting and set my frame rate locked at 45. This setting helps my GPU not running 100% it is now at 90% and my temp is no more over 80 degrees. But now being over large cities with the A320 it stutters like crazy.

I would wait for the update from Microsoft many problems but no clear answer?

We need a RTX 3080 or 3090 but I believe that DX 12 would have the same effect. I have a second system running a Intel 5820 CPU and a Nvidia 970 with 16GB of memory I was unable to run P3Dv4.5 on this system at run at 8-10 frames per second so I stopped using it. When P3Dv5 come out I upgraded because of DX12 and it now runs at 40fps without any problems. So I am urging Microsoft to implement DX12 because it is their own product and should have been implemented from the start.

Hmm, thanks for your input anyways!

Have fun playing on your end :smiley:

I use my PC for video editing, 8k raw footage and all that, plus I play other games as well. I don’t have any issues anywhere else. I just don’t know where the problem could be anymore

heres another one https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CKVhyOZaUcU

Its the same problem since 2006, AI traffic kills the framerate, sometimes shadows are jagged and planes look oversized. They haven’t updated the fsx engine, same old cr*p.

no … its a complete new development

I could see that that would be an issue, but my GPU is running at 60°C, and its only being used for MAX 80%, not even getting close to higher temps / usage. Same story for the CPU.
Look at the Pictures above, on the left top corner are all my temps and usages.
That’s why I am so confused, cause it’s not even using anywhere near 100%

I really hope they get it fixed / optimised close in the future, I have been playing Flight sims since I can rember / was a little child. I love Flight sim <3

After faffing around for the past week I’ve finally found a combination of settings that give me acceptable performance with great visual. Unfortunately it means sacrificing a few things but until we get some serious optimisation I have no option.

I’m running an old Ryzen 1600x o/c to 3.9ghz and a 1080ti at 3440x1440. I stay away from glass screens as the airliners feel wrong to me and I just don’t like glass screens full stop! Graphic settings wise I have everything at medium/high, scaling at 100 but LOD’s are at 150. I’ve turned a few things off eg bloom and have also turned Terrain Vector Data to low. Volumetric clouds are on ultra though cos I love the skyscapes.

I have had to turn off all AI aircraft whether in the air or on the ground as they cause stutters for me, multiplayer is off aswell. I’ve messed around with the cache options but in the end so no improvement so off they went as did photogrammetry, the buildings in those areas now look dreadful so off they go.

In Task Manager I’ve disabled Core 1 under flightsimulator.exe because that was sticking out from the other 11. My cpu never gets anywhere near 100%, at the moment over southern UK it’s showing 40% utilisation. 14gb out of my 32 gb in use. The 1080ti is 93% using 4.9gb of its 11gb vram.

In sim I’m getting a very smooth 40-50 fps with only very occasional tiny stutters and it looks fabulous. I get little stutters when first taking off and when landing but I don’t experience any of the long periods of stuttering that others have reported.

So a few compromises in there but at least I have a ga sim that I can enjoy while I wait for bug fixes etc. Hope something here helps!

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