Saddle Sore achievement not unlocking after a 8h20m non-stop flight in TBM-930

There was no refueling, time acceleration, or any other 3rd party stuff involved. I did this on an Xbox Series X over real time. However, I didn’t see the achievement popping even after waiting for more than 10 minutes after touch down.

I landed at an airport on the way, about 200nm short of the intended airport. The instruments in the cockpit blacked out just after I started descending so I couldn’t change the destination for the flight plan. But I guess this isn’t the problem since some of my flying achievements were unlocked by touching down on plain grounds.

BTW, the My Way achievement also is a mess for me. I’m pretty sure I did it right for several times w/ & w/o AP.

This airport, ZUAL, is a very favorable starting point for hypermilling because of its altitude (just shy of 14k) and central position in a landmass, I.e. almost no Ned to worry about flying over large waterbodies.

Anyone has any idea what’s going on?


The achievements are pretty broken.

There are a fair number of threads here dating back to last fall regarding their recalcitrant behavior.


If you look in your pilot profile then click on achievements (in the actual game, not the ones when you hit the guide button), does it say 100%? If it does then it should unlock eventually, sometimes they take a bit of time.

Will try the next time I launch the game

This is interesting since I have most of the achievements working. I thought they’ve fixed them in those updates.

The Achievements are the most broken I’ve ever seen in any game bar none. Some games have one or two Achievements that are glitched but they’re patched within a few days of launch. Not MSFS.

There are hundreds of posts and the devs won’t acknowledge the issue.


It’s so frustrating to see 0% there.

Active pause counts toward the Achievement. Here’s how I got it by accident:

  1. Set up a 300+ mile flight
  2. Pause the game at any time between takeoff and landing
  3. Allow 8 real time hours to elapse
  4. Land the plane at your destination

It should pop.

Oh, another bugged achievement. Strange…

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Did you use quick resume or just let it hang while keeping the machine & app on?

It’s ironic though, this achievement doesn’t really reward players who does everything according to what the achievement is about.

I hit the start button of my Xbox in game and left it. I wasn’t trying to cheese the Achievement: I was trying to complete a flight toward Jack of All Planes when I unexpectedly had to leave my house for 8+ hours.

The broken Achievements in this sim are the most frustrating thing to me. It just bothers me that I can’t complete them because they simply do not work.

My Way is 100% broken and the devs refuse to do anything about it. You can use the search bar and there are hundreds of posts. They’re either blind or apathetic.

It’s such low hanging fruit and should be an easy fix. Instead we collectively spend hundreds of hours troubleshooting. It’s maddening.

Also, good luck getting Decathlon. There has only been one “Weekly Activity” since SU7. At the rate that weekly activities are being released, it will be almost 4 years to get that cheevo.


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