Saitek Cesena Trim Wheel

Has anyone tried Saitek’s Cessna Trim Wheel yet?

I have it… probably my most favorite/useful peripheral controller since trimming is so important when hand flying GA aircraft.

You should see it in the Controls section and it should be recognized as the “Saitek Pro Flight Cessna Trim Wheel”.

For me it wasn’t automatically assigned to an axis. I had to manually assign it to the “Elevator Trim Axis (-100 to 100%)”

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I have it and once set up the axis as previously mentioned it works like a charm. I use this all the time!

Can’t buy these anymore can you ?

it seems not to be produced anymore

Good news

I have been using it for a long time with FSX, I was able to find it from a small Italian shop when it was already out of production.

I don’t understand why to take it off the market

Good for you! Let us know how you like it.

I guess they didn’t sell enough of them but then again they kept going with the other Logitech panels.

As mentioned above, this trim wheel is worth every penny it cost. I love mine. Sorry it is no longer available for others to take advantage of. One tip: even though you have your new trim wheel plugged in and MSFS recognizes it you might find the trim is not working - that is the sim is not responding when you physically turn the wheel. Try spinning the wheel up and down to get the sim to recognize the wheel’s inputs. You will hear a “chime” as you do this and the sim might “freeze” for a few seconds just after it recognizes the input but it will recover. I find I must do the above procedure every time I fire up the sim in order for it to recognize my trim wheel inputs. The best time to do the above is when the game is initializing - before you are actually in the cockpit. Sometimes if you wait to spin the trim wheel until you are actually flying the sim will kill the engine and/or do other strange things.


I have one and I have to do the same initialization process in the sim.

I love the thing and it might be the last peripheral I’d part with.

Question: X-plane works great with these devices (they are simple potentiometers) but since MS2020 doesn’t have the -100 +100 designation on the AILERON TRIM & RUDDER TRIM pre-configured by the programmers (other than for elevator trim), they won’t work. X-plane immediately initializes them and asks for them to be calibrated. Any suggestions are appreciated. I use the Saitek Logitech auto-pilot panel for elevator trim, however i use the 3D printed “Gear-Falcon” trim-wheel for Aileron Trim and Rudder Trim. These are trim-wheel devices that can be used for all three trims if you so desire, he even has a new one with all three wheels built into one panel. I just have two separate ones. But to continue, I can’t get the aileron and rudder trims configured in CONTROLS due to the fact that it doesn’t have the -100 to +100 setting when configuring like the elevator trim has. It DOES recognize the “Gear-Falcon” device but on Aileron Trim and Rudder trim MS2020 only has “Left Aileron Trim”, “Right Aileron Trim” , “Left Rudder Trim” , and “Right Rudder Trim” and the trim doesn’t work properly since there is no slider showing up. Gear Falcon trim wheels are great and I know I am just doing something simple wrong. (or Asobo hasn’t programmed Aileron trim & Rudder trim correctly yet for trim-wheels). Thanks in advance with any help on this!!

Hello all, has anyone figured a work around to get the trim wheel to work properly? as LinenOrc9251924 mentioned, the wheel works great and as it should in Xplane but is way to sensitive and drops off line when in flight and other times it isn’t even recognized. It is a must have item for a more real world experience. Thanks

Has anyone else had issues with the trim wheel in certain aircraft? It works perfectly for me in a C152 (after spinning to get MSFS to recognize it), but it is all over the place in a C172. Why does it work well in one aircraft and go all wonky in another (very abrupt large inputs, trim it up, but goes down, etc.)? Any ideas on how to resolve?

Mine does this as well, but I begin to wonder if Windows is powering the thing down? I havemthad chance to look at the wheel at all as I am too busy enjoying myself with the sim, but another thought might be the new sensitivity settings. I suspect a bit of fiddling here might yield benefits too.

As an aside, I have set up 2 buttons on my stick as well for course trim correction and have started using the wheel just to finesse things a bit.

yep I have the same thing. I have to do that after each computer reboot.

It’s all working well in all aircraft for me, but it does keep its setting when restarting a flight or coming off of autopilot, which can conflict with the trim setting in the plane at the time. I have to be really careful to check for T/O trim or it will go crazy when I turn it. Same when turning autopilot off.

Further thoughts since my last and I am toying with the idea of retiring mine. I have other options both on the stick amd also a trim wheel on my Logitech Multi panel. It also drops me another free usb port, which might reduce power demands on the PC. Not sure yet, but it might be something to try.

I have had the same issue and I still can’t get the trim wheel working. In the meantime I have set a rocker switch on the Yoke for pitch control but it’s a bit hit and miss as you can’t tell how much input you have given. As an interim measure I am using an iPad (could use an iPhone too I guess) with the RVC MSFS C172 app which allows remote control of many of the controls in the 172. Not ideal but an improvement on trying to get MSFS to recognise the wheel.

Thanks for your reply. Interestingly, I now have two trim methods (shortly three, if the Honeycomb Bravo ever arrives) The first method used for coarse correction is my stick. Two buttons work nicely, as the stick is force feedback and you can feel the load come off. Second method is via a Logitech multi panel, which is used for fine correction and this works a treat. The inbuilt trim wheel is very low geared and complements the stick really well, such that flights in the PA 28 can all be flown plus or minus 50 feet manually. We will see what happens with the Bravo hopefully some time before death. The old Cessna trim wheel is great but now sits on a shelf.

:+1:t3: got the wheel working at last! I use a thrust master t-flight hotas, which is not force feedback sadly. The Logitech panels are great pieces of kit, but I’ve run out of space for any more add-ons :laughing: Happy flying!