Saitek plugins

Continuing the discussion from Saitek Flight Panels:

Hi folks, i got an email from simplugins, that they released a version of panel builder which should work with 2020 this sofware doesn’t support saitek panels but you can design your own panel with an ipad or Android Tab with instruments which will be connected via network to Flightsimulator.

Good News from ThomasComputerSolution !! they are working on there Logitech Saitek Instrument Panel addon and it will be soon released, so that all users which are using Saiteks FIP and Switch/Multi panels will be supported. Yesterday they send me an email where they wrote that they are working on it. Good news, but we have to wait.

MS2020 ist a nice Sim, but it has substantial problems with peripherals. Other companies had no time to develop their plugins for it and now you have to play MS2020 like 20 years ago.


I’ve been working with the Saitek Panels during my FSX-Times and used I was very surprised, that this alternative Saitek Driver Software also works with the new MSFS. It will tak a little time until the Community of SPAD users has enought snippets and “ready-to-play” configuration for the Panels.