Saitek Pro Flight Yoke

Since the debut of msfs 2020 my Saitek Pro Flight Yoke has been disabling on the USB port and I’m losing control and have to disconnect and reconnect to get it working again. Is there anyone who is doing the same thing to it or can you tell me what to do about it?

forgive me for the bad translation

Just for some clarification, what do you mean by “losing control”.
Can you elaborate on what you are doing, and how this happens

I no longer have control of my plane

As in using the autopilot, or as in control inputs from yoke just don’t do anything?

I can’t go upstairs any more, turn right or left, no switch is working, nothing

it happens especially with elite aircraft and anytime with airliners

Do you have anything else connected to the yoke?
Are you using a powered USB hub?

no, no other bugs and yes I have a 10 ports usb hub

but my york is connected directly to a usb port on my computer

Try changing your power management of the device so Win10 isn’t allowed to control it

easier to say what to do

Pictures are better than words!

I’m going to try this and I’ll come back later but I don’t know when I’ll be back

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thank you very much

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windows 10 had no control to close usb ports set to active

already made this manipulation on another heading

Use usb enhanced power management disabler, works well for years.
Unfortunately I’ve only re-found it on a web archive:
Download the zip and follow instructions after reading the uraster page
If you have problems or not confident with the download, I can send you my own copy.

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no copy thank you for taking the time to help

It may not like usb 3 , if that is what it is plugged into.
Try a usb 2 port.
Reinstall the saitek drivers also.

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My Logitech yoke with quadrant and rudder pedals, plus the multi panel are connected to a powered usb3 hub, itself connected on usb3 port of the PC with a 3m cable.
Ans it works without problem.