Saitek X-56 pitch and roll stopped working

I’ve had no issues with the X-56 joystick and throttle flight system since I purchased about a month ago. Suddenly, today I had absolutely no elevator or aileron control in the TBM-930 on takeoff. I figured it was a one off glitch, but now, 6 hours later and a complete MSFS 2020 reinstall, there’s no elevator or aileron control. All the other buttons on the joystick work fine. I downloaded the logitech driver and software for the X-56 and the x and y axis register fine ( I get full elevator and roll control). Also, in windows 10 under usb game controllers I get proper movement etc when activating the stick.

However, when I start MSFS and load a flight and select controls, I can’t get either the elevator or aileron axis to work. I tried the default x-56 profile and still the same thing. I checked for any cross bindings and I did not see any. I tried several different USB ports to no avail. I went to the MSFS folder where the peripheral settings are and deleted those in an effort to start a fresh profile but still nothing. In external view, the rudder works fine with pedals, the throttle works fine, but I get nothing from the elevator or ailerons with full stick deflection.

Any ideas? Thanks!

What about in the sensitivity settings? When you move the joystick, does the dot move along the curve as well?

What “sound” does the device make in windows when you plug/unplug make? Is it the normal USB confirmation sound?

Have you tried to do that during the game running?

I have an issue with rudder being maxed to right and have to unplug and plug back in my flight stick to correct it. Very strange and happens 50/50

Could it be a conflict with something in your Community folder?
If so, did you try with it empty?

Do you have any profiles set up in the Logitech driver software? You can right click on the Logitech tool in the taskbar and click clear profiles (or something like that) which will bring you back to default.

As mentioned above I have also had issues with the Logitech pedals not working. Unplugging and repluging while in the sim is open fixes this.

I had this issue several times. It’s a driver problem I think. The solution is to recalibrate the X56 using the Logitech software.

I’m pretty good at it now and can do it on the fly during pushback when it happens.

I also had an issue where the calibration if the rudder axis drifts over time and I was only able to fix it using a program called DIUtility (iirc)

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Hello, and welcome to the forums.
Discussion of yokes, throttles, joysticks, etc. goes in the Peripherals section. I have moved your post there.

I’ve calibrated using the Logitech driver software and both x and y calibrate fine. Yet when I return to MSFS all I get is a slight movement from one axis in roll and pitch–it almost feels like the autopilot is on–but it isn’t. I only get a slight movement in one direction as well in the sensitivity settings. As if something is preventing movement in all directions. The usb sound is fine when removing and plugging in. I used a powered USB hub and also have tried plugging joystick directly into computer–no work.

All the other buttons/etc work on the joystick as assigned so I know the joystick is connected. One thing I recall is I downloaded and installed the latest Nvidia driver 461.72 and uninstalled 461.40 using the notebook icon for the 2080 Super card. I noticed I got the joystick issues right after that installation. Could there be a conflict with the new video card driver and the x-56 driver in MSFS?
In any case, the joystick works independently outside of MSFS 2020 as indicated by the logitech calibration and also the usb game config within windows 10. So, it’s some strange interface issue with MSFS.

My plan is to uninstall/reinstall nvidia driver again (reverting back to 461.40), and see if that works. If not, I will unplug the peripherals (throttle, joytstick, rudder pedals) and uninstall/reinstall MSFS 2020. I need to start MSFS 2020 as if the peripherals are being plugged in for the first time. Is there some sort of registry action that I need to do to expunge x-56 stuff as well so that MSFS recognizes it for the first time when plugged back in.

Thanks for the insights. Is there any joystick or yoke that has little to no issues with MSFS? It seems like quite a few people have issues with the X-56 and MSFS 2020.

Do you have this issue with all aircraft?

Aside from the annoying and occasional recalibrate issue, I think the X-56 is working great and I’ve had no problems.

Yes sir. I tried several a/c and the same issue. I’ve done some digging and apparently there is a HALLS sensor that can go bad within the joystick and impact the x and y axis. I’ve contacted Logitech and hopefully can get a replacement since the x-56 is only 1 month since purchase. Interesting they suggest holding ctrl+shift when starting flightsim and continue to hold down as it loads as this apparently resets the controller config settings. I think this is only useful in FSX and not MSFS 2020. In the meantime I’ve ordered a thrustmaster airbus joystick which should be delivered tomorrow. I should be able to see for sure if it is a hardware related issue or is indeed something more subtle within the software interface between x-56 and msfs.

ps…I uninstalled and cleaned Nvidia driver with guru3ddriver cleaner…reinstalled the nvidia version that was working well with x-56 (461.40) and started MSFS 2020. Same problem. I was wondering if one of you guys who are using the x-56 could screenshot their settings within MSFS controls–specifically the elevator (pitch) and aileron (roll) axis section. I’d like to see how others have their bindings set. Thanks!

Yes sir, that sensor is why my rudder calibration is off by 1500 units. Have you tried the DIView executable to see what your joystick is Actually doing?

Also, the Nvidia driver is for your graphics card. It has no impact on your X56. Superstitious “fixes” are a waste of time.

I only reinstalled nvidia driver because when I installed the latest version, that’s exactly when my joystick x and y stopped working. Is that the developer view you’re talking about?

No, it’s a tool called DIView.exe

hmmm ok let me try. thanks! Can you shoot me a screenshot of your x and y settings in MSFS if possible. I’m confusing myself with joystick r or l and axis x and y or -x or +y.

See above. Joystick L-axis X, Y and Z is what you want. Joystick R-axis X & Y is the ministick on the right side of the joystick.

that’s helpful…what about the main controls screen where you assign the bindings?

You mean this?

So is there a way to delete the default x-56 settings/file from MSFS 2020 and plug in the joystick as if it were the first time? I only get x and y to register anything when hard right and aft on the stick then I will get the white bar to appear in main settings (Joystick L axis X and Y), same in sensitivities. So, it’s interfacing a bit with MSFS–which to me feels like a sensor issue in the stick itself.