Sales...what to get?

Any must-haves, mainly flying GA planes. Love all sorts of scenery.

Don’t think anyone can help you with those kind of parameters. What is a must-have for ME could be totally uninteresting for others. It’s a bit like asking: “I’m hungry. What shall I eat?”

  • do you fly all over the world, or do you prefer specific areas?
  • do you like bush-flying?
  • paved and/or grass?
  • do you also like small international airports?



I don’t think there is any must have payware scenery at all…everybody has different priorities and preferences.

I want a good working stutter damper for Christmas. :yum:

I picked up the Las Vegas airport and scenery DLC. Really nice. Picked up some skins for the biz jets and 747.

I think I might get IniBuilds Buffalo airport with an Xbox gift card Santa gave me!

Nothing much in the way of aircraft interests me…

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I am always so disappointed with the end of the year sale in the marketplace. I know these devs work hard to create these models, and deserve to be paid their worth. But for companies like Carenado to Never discount is disheartening. Especially some of their planes that have been modeled for a couple years now, would be nice to see just a 5-10% discount and I would pull the trigger. But the fact that they never discount their aircraft models really frustrates me, and makes me not want to purchase from a company that refuses to offer a discount, even if it is just once a year.

Otherwise, SeaFront Simulations Hawaiian vessels is a great addon! Also like their Virgin Islands and St Martin, St Barts packs as well. Really brings the islands to life.

Seafront Simulations Global & enhanced addon are great, just bought the Wilga at full price, it’s excellent

I have bought most Carenado aircraft I own at a discount.
They just don’t partake in the usual big sales.
You will need to check weekly in the marketplace if you want to buy Carenado aircraft at a discount.
After SU11 for many weeks, i.e. the Mooney was available at a discount.

I’ve checked weekly for over a year. They don’t discount

I found this for example.

Payware add ons can make you happy simmer ( well, some of them). Still there are no must have addons. Vanilla game can be just good enough for most of us.

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Not to be nit picky here but you are proving my point by posting a thread from Oct 2021. There has not been a sale or discount of products from Carenado since… again don’t get me wrong they make excellent models and should be paid what they are worth. It’s just disappointing to not see a sale for over a year and a half.

I mainly see a big difference with airports, bought Ibiza for example. It’s really a 1000% improvement over the stock airport but sometimes airports are just not good for planes I fly. Bought EBBR (Brussels), fantastic design but no use for a Arrow III :slight_smile:

Just wanted to say I logged in today and to my surprise there was a Carenado sale! Would ya look at that. :laughing: