Sam Scene 3D Hong Kong City Times won't load after Sim Update 5

Hi. I am using Sam Scene 3D Hong Kong City Times from the MSFS Marketplace. I have the latest version. After Sim Update 5, if I try starting at VHHH (Chek Lap Kok airport), the loading screen will load about halfway and then freeze indefinitely. If I delete Sam Scene 3D Hong Kong City Times, I can then load at VHHH.

Is anybody else that owns Sam Scene 3D Hong Kong City Times encountering the same problem after Sim Update 5?

Edit: This is really weird. I can get it to load now at VHHH. But then other times, it won’t load and the loading screen freezes. The only consistent thing is if I delete Hong Kong City Times, it will always load at VHHH.

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Seems that almost all 3rd-party “Non-m$ profited” scenery will fall into infinity load while loading a new flight. Navigraph, fsuipc 7, AirBus H135 helicopter and DC design F15 seem OK.

I am using Steam version of MSFS2020, i9-10900F+32GB RAM+RTX3070

I have it and it works fine.
I bought my from external website.
I don’t use the simple VHHH provided by samscene since I use WFscenery one.
everything is fine .

I have the problem on 2 computers. 1 at my home and 1 at my office. They share the same Xbox account. Computer in my office have no add-on will work fine. but when I put ONLY the Hong Kong airport add-on into community folder and start a new flight, it will infinity load.

I am now trying to totally reinstall the sim and see if it will fix.

Hi, did you purchase it from the MSFS Marketplace or did you purchase it from an external website? It you purchased it from an external website, you would have had to place it in your “Community” folder.

I have mine through ORBX, and it’s not causing any problems in SU5 for me.

Hi, the Sam Scene 3D Hong Kong City Times is not really the airport though. It’s the 3D models for the buildings, piers, and other structures throughout Hong Kong.

Are you using the WF Scenery Studio VHHH, Chek Lap Kok scenery? Are you saying the WF Scenery Studio VHHH scenery is causing you to crash?

I’m not really sure which scenery is causing you to crash: Sam Scene 3D Hong Kong City Times or WF Scenery Studio VHHH.

Chicago city pack does not load and sim crashes back to CTD.

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I have both installed.

Now I have totally reinstall the sim, include remove the Program Data folder and reset most setting to default value. No FSUIPC 7, nothing in Community folder. It should be clear.

And when I load a flight in VHHH, it freeze in the loading screen!! A brand new install FREEZE!

My computer is a test platform that only have 3 games with almost no application.

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I wonder if this is a bug with MSFS. I assume you don’t have Sam Scene 3D Hong Kong City Times installed, even from the MSFS marketplace. If you do have Sam Scene 3D Hong Kong City Times that you purchased from the MSFS marketplace and it was installed when you spawned at VHHH, then let me know.

Perhaps some weird bug was introduced at VHHH lately. Can you file a bug report? Maybe if we both file a bug report since we can’t spawn at VHHH, Asobo may look into this issue.

I test again Sam Scene 3D Hong Kong City Times with SU5, it works but I found that many buildings have missing parts, they looks like under construction or transparent.
I think this scenery is not compatible with SU5 anyway.


You should contact the creator of the Sam Scene 3D scenery about the missing parts. Their Facebook page is at: Redirecting...

I have both SamScene3D Hong Kong City Times bought from Flight Sim MarketPlace and VHHH by from SimMarket.

Finally I found it works if I turn off both real-time traffic and multiplayer.

But now if I install both SamScene3D Hong Kong City Times and Kai Tak Airport (both bought from MarketPlace), C172 cannot increase throttle. I know they are not compatible but I can fly before…

I’m just like you, I purchased the Sam Scene 3D Hong Kong City Times from the MSFS marketplace. Turning on real time traffic and multiplayer doesn’t really affect whether I freeze or not.

What I noticed is that if I spawn from VHHH, Runway 7R as my first flight, the loading screen will freeze, if I have the Sam Scene 3D Hong Kong City Times installed. Interestingly though, I can spawn at Kai Tak, runway 13R, with the Sam Scene 3D Hong Kong City Times installed. If I spawn at Kai Tak, I can then slew to VHHH and there is no problem.

In addition, with the Sam Scene 3D Hong Kong City Times installed, if I spawn from Kai Tak the first time, and then I despawn, I can then load at VHHH Runway 7R and it works. I totally don’t understand why spawning at Kai Tak first, despawning, and then spawning at VHHH Runway 7R works. But if I load MSFS and spawn at VHHH as my first flight (with Sam Scene 3D Hong Kong City Times installed), the loading screen will freeze.

Same here. I also have both samscene HK purchased from MSFS marketplace and WFSS VHHH from simmarket. After sim update 5, it failed to load when I used FBW A320 or the default A320neo. However, if I tried C172, it could load. Then I completely removed and reinstalled samscene HK and WFSS VHHH and delete rolling cache as someone suggested on YouTube. Now it works for the default A320neo (screenshot is attached) but still no luck with FBW A320. So I think we have to wait updates from samescene and WFSS. Hope it helps.

Hi, please contact Sam Scene 3D at their Facebook page at: Redirecting...

I already message them and they said they tested it themselves but found no problems. But if enough of us message Sam Scene 3D to let them know of our problem at VHHH, maybe they can track down the issue and fix it.

Already sent them PM. Thanks!

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Hi. Based on the information in this thread so far, it appears to be the version of Sam Scene 3D Hong Kong City Times purchased in the MSFS Marketplace that is causing problems. Both me, @ Mickey98012983, and @ StellaBySL purchased the Sam Scene 3D Hong Kong City Times scenery in the MSFS marketplace and we have this freezing problem.

However, @ Tigershark85000 and @ AmiableGalaxy9 purchased the Sam Scene 3D Hong Kong City Times scenery at an external website, so they need to place it in the Community folder, and it’s not causing the freezing problem for them.

There must be something with the MSFS Marketplace version that is causing this freezing. It could be the order it’s loaded by MSFS, since the Community folder contents may be loaded in a different order, or it’s somehow treated different by MSFS.

I found that most of the 3rd party scenary and airport mods that I bought from the MSFS marketplace have loading or CTD problem with SU5. Such as
Orbx London city pack
Orbx Paris city pack
Drzewiecki Design RJAA
SamScene HK city times
SamScene Macau
SamScene Tokyo landmarks enhanced

So I think the problem was mainly caused by MSFS itself. I was hoping the latest 1.18.14 patch could fix the issues but it didn’t. Now the CTD problem occurs more frequently than before!!! :rage:


Oddly enough, Sam Scene 3D Macau works for me. I can load into VMMC without any problems. I also purchased Sam Scene 3D Macau from the MSFS Marketplace.

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