SamScene3D Vancouver City Times

??? Is this what you were looking for?

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Yes that is awesome, sorry I’m not sure how my previous post got deleted.


I picked this up today on Series X and am overall very impressed.
I have noticed a couple of issues however, but I’m unsure if these are happening across xbox as a whole or just on my install.

The included Victoria seaplane base doesn’t show up as selectable in the world view, but if you enter the ICAO code CYWH, it does.

Also, there seems to be a lot of foliage still showing through the new scenery like here at the Cruise Ship Dock
In any videos I’ve seen it doesn’t look like this - also I think the developer mentions a reduction in overgrown foliage as a bullet point.

Finally there is still flashing photogrammetry docks appearing sporadically under the new scenery.
This though seems to happen globally and not just to this scenery. Also, I am on SU12 beta, so I don’t know how much that plays into things.

Sorry for the long post but has anyone had any similar experience?

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I actually like the MSFS default Vancouver scenery style better … I have added some freeware bridges to this which are quite good … I also feel that the SamScene 3D Hong Kong is a bit of the “model-ly” type stuff, though otherwise quite good … :nerd_face:

Suggest you add the Mamudesigns Marinas, and the Samscene Vancouver package to fix Victoria and Vancouver harbour.

I like it, too. Plus, I added the Payware Vancouver Area Bridges by RKBridger and flying in the region is a dream.

SamScene3D made it into my favorite CityScape developers. He was good for Prepar3d already but his MSFS sceneries like Hong Kong, Vancouver, and several Chinese Megacities are a real step up.