Samscene3D volume 3 US cities

Hi. I got the new US cities volume 3 today. Very cool. But DFW airport is looking weird with it installed. Meaning the pink checkerboard.

Any ideas? Btw I am on Xbox.

This is a known issue in SU15B. Are you under the beta ?

Oh ok thanks. Yes I am. I had one other airport act like this, but it was with black& white checkers. Kcvg. I emailed the developer and got no reply. Which is frustrating after spending money… Would the below be the same SU15 bug?

Well, it is a similar issue related to missing textures but it needs to be fixed by the 3rd party developer so you did it well reporting the issue to them.
In case of KDFW, it happens with the base MSFS airport included in WU 2, so it is on Asobo side to fix it.
Also I noticed on your screenshot 2 planes on top of each other, this issue has been reported here:

Thanks much. Is there better methods to get acknowledgments and answers from developers? It seems very wrong to make a paid product, have an issue, and not reply.

Any word from asobo on fixing it?

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For 3rd party addons, the only way to reach out to them is through their forum, email, webpage.

Not yet. Just monitor the topic and when you’ll see the feedback-logged on the top it means it has been acknowledged.
That topic explains the signification of the different tags:

Thanks sounds good. Hope they both get fixed