Save drone camera control settings

Could we get the drone controls to be persistant for at least the current flight. Every time I go back to the drone camera I have to adjust the speed of movment because it defaults very slow.

i think if you have a controller Xbox for windows it should be fine. i dont have any issues with mine. however i do not remember specifically about the speed movement. its a lot easier with an Xbox controller trust me

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Yes I saw Squirrel’s video saying that, though I don’t have an Xbox and I’m not sure if it’s worth buying just for the drone cam.

People need to stop saying use a controller.

We’re sitting right there with a joystick, keyboard, but most importantly a Mouse - the best peripheral in history for controlling camera movement, like everyone without head-tracking already does in the cockpit and external views.

Where is everyone’s head at when they say “Well… I changed to a different camera mode. Better get out the controller!”. What a beyond stupid solution.


I bought one for 21 bucks on Amazon just for the drone. Worth every penny. I zipped around with the drone for almost an hour last night at KORD watching the live traffic. Great for “walking” around too.


It’s a choice. Your opinion on that matter is just that. An opinion.

No, it isn’t.

So far it’s a PC title. And Sims are played with Sim controls, which until very recently did not even offer a controller as a feasible option.

Unless you are already sitting there flying with only a gamepad style controller, which very few are because they are simmers first and foremost and use something else, there is no logical way to argue that you should need to plug in a whole separate controller just for a single camera mode in one feature of the sim. It’s like arguing you need to plug in a gamepad to operate the radio.

You gotta love the snipers that just sit there all day ready to shoot down anyone who dares criticize the status quo while they offer no real solution.

So it bothers you that much that I have a yoke, peddles, throttles to operate my aircraft and I happen to also have plugged in a controller for my “drone”. Because, its so much more realistic to fly the drone camera with a yoke, peddles and throttles as opposed to a controller which is astonishingly similar to an R/C radio.

Well alrighty.


No not really.

It bothers me because we have a Mouse sitting right there, that’s inexplicably disabled in that view, and it’s like oh go plug in a whole other peripheral.

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Well if you’re point is that you think the mouse should be able to operate that camera, then I can’t say I would necessarily disagree. I would still use a controller as that camera emulates a drone. If it is appropriate to use peripherals that emulate aircraft controls…

At this point I’ll drop the conversation there as we just disagree. Nothing wrong with that.

Happy Flying…


Okay mr nice guy.

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Is there any way to make the Drone speeds and cockpit look speeds permanently? They keep reverting back to default camera speeds after I change them in the camera menu during flight.

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You can change the cockpit camera speed in the settings menu under cameras. Can’t remember if there’s a drone speed on there also but I know there is for cockpit and chase.

Drone keeps its set speed within the same flight in my experience. Not sure if there is an option for a default speed though.

Hi @BobbyFuzzy,
This would be nice if it would stay where we set it! I have to re-adjust them on next MSFS launch.

Not sure if it’s a bug or if they did that by design - or forgot.

Could file a zendesk on it as a feature request.

i just opened a Zendesk request to add the feature. Thanks for confirming…


Agree, but I think in the case of the drone camera, as it can be moved and zoomed without constraints I think from a design standpoint it sort of makes sense to reset the speed as this is going to be changed dynamically depending on the perspective you’re trying to achieve.

I have mine bound to keys on my keyboard and/or I just use an xbox pad then I can easily change the speed at any time.

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Good point! :slight_smile:

It’s probably why they have done it that way. Be nice to have an option there though “Keep this Setting” for those that want to save.

The problem with your solution is that it doesn’t show you the value of the changes when using keyboard shortcut. I don’t want to have to do this every single flight. It’s a simple enough request to save the setting I want to set it to. VOTE!

I think this would be really helpful feature and not too much effort for Asobo to implement but it wold be super convenient I like seep 40, default is soo slugish

agree totally.

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