Save World Map Filters

Yes, I had missed the article you point me to… thank you!

But going there I see that it’s been a problem since at least a month ago.

Oh well, just another thing I need to remember to do before each flight…

It’s been a problem since the Japan update months ago.


i think its always been a problem.

Answer: spend the 10 seconds it takes to switch it on. Not making light of it, really, but, a small thing in comparison to the other upteen things people complain aboutthat has hundreds of votes.

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Agreed… just need to be a bit more attentive as I prepare for flights. I’m trying to find a flow of steps to follow and then make a checklist of those tasks.

I try to start in SkyVector because it’s easy to read and has all the points and navaids at the outset. I then copy the route into Little Nav Map ane polish it up and then save it and load the plan into MSFS.

If I forget to turn on the navaids in the simulator, things get a bit erratic.

Anyway, thank you all for enlightening me along the way.


How is this in any way difficult to put right?

Yes this is needed!

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I would rather have them be ON by default, and turn them off if NOT wanted. Either way, this needs to be fixed.

There is a workaround. Go to Packages\Official\OneStore\fs-base\worldmap, make a backup of the worldmap.xml in there, then open it and edit the individual entries.


Thanks but go to … make a … open it … edit!
Nah. We need this feature built in to the sim.

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I agree, but still, a quick five minutes spent inside Notepad can save a LOT of grumbling and fussing every time you open the map.


Yes please, the notepad trick doesn’t work 100%

Love this request

Need the ability to change what filters default on/off when opening the sim. I want to be able to set all the NAV aids to on as a default.

Your changes were saved a few month ago. But right now that is bugged.

I too would like those options saved. I often turn the navaids on to get ILS frequencies.

I would suggest that the World Map filter settings be saved and utilized for all future flights until the user changes the filters. I don’t care for Asobo’s default filter settings and want to save my own.

Somehow I find it interesting that this thread has only a little over 60 votes? it annoys me every time I have to reactivate the settings before every flight :frowning:

i did the worldmap.xml hack and it works! thanks


This wishlist item applies to almost all settings. Remember stuff!

Agree with this, I hate how the map filters always reset.

This is simple, simple stuff that they can’t get right. I’m so sick of all these work arounds for ■■■■ that ALL the previous sims got right out of the box.