Save World Map Filters

I would like for the sim to save the most recent filter settings in the World Map.

Okay so whenever i start the game the world map has every single option turned off. I can reset by pressing f12 but it’s quite annoying having to manually turn on the option to see airports.

I am not the only person to have this issue.


I have this same issue, does anyone know how to make the default map filters stick?? Or do we actually have to manually turn them back on when entering the map each time?


The thing that fixed it for me was not to reset the filters, but rather just to turn everything back on manually. The sim seems to save the state properly after that, until the bug is triggered again.

Unfortunately, I haven’t actually figured out what the trigger is yet though, so the bug to returns for me once in awhile.


hi i have the following problem, was the filter on the world map concerned,

My settings will not be changed, just restart my game.

For example, if I set that Airspaces was displayed on the world map, this setting is reset when the game is restarted. respect or the whole filter is on the default setting.

I don’t know if it’s a bug, but I’ve seen it once. Maybe someone from you can also help me. would enjoy me.

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Yes, in the World Map there is also nothing saved for me as it was before 1.8.3
This affects also the last flown airport from if you want to select an airport

Prior to 1830, it did remember your settings. I was hoping 1930 would restore the function. Guess I’ll head over to Zendesk and add my voice there.


When I set the navigation filters (Airspaces, Navaids and Fix&RNAV Positions Report) to ON, it will last only in the current Simsession. After the next start it will be OFF again and have to set ON again.
Please fix.

Please show the airports in every scale. In some scale some airports are missing.

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As flying is my principal objective when using FS2020, I have little or no interest in friends, fauna, animals, points of interest or the other non-flying elements of this program.

However, Asobo - or more likely Microsoft - seem intent on forcing the eye-candy of this program onto me, whether I like it or not.

Does anyone know how to force the filter box in the World Map page to save the settings I put in the box?

So far, every time I load the program, I have to reset the majority of the switches in the box. Really aggravating.



Wouldn’t this be achieved by saving your flight or “experience” once in the airplane? Not sure what you’re referring to.

Visit the world map page and change the options in the filter box. Nest time you load the sim you will find they have all changed back too default again.

If you fly IFR as I do, you want to see navaids clearly, not fauna, animals and other irrelevant stuff.


It did at the initial launch. The first or second patch broke that feature. I think there’s an up-vote thread in either Bugs or Wishlist. I’ve gotten to where is only takes me about five seconds to turn clouds off, scroll to the bottom, then turn cities off and navaids on.

Oh I see now. You want the map to only show certain items. Got it. No help though. Sorry.

No probs. Happy flying.

Nah, your memory is correct. It used to work before the Japan world update patch.


it’s a simple niggle but every time I go into the world map, the filters I selected previously are turned off again. Please can we have it so that if you select, for instance, to show nav aids on the map, that setting is saved for the next time you load the sim.


for me it is not clear if its a bug in general for all or if its just at certain systems?
I know for sure that it was workig some versions before, but then suddenly stopped here for me.

So, this is more a bug then a wish …

Am I missing something???

Every time I start the simulator, I have to go into the Open Filters menu and turn on the Navigation Airspaces, NAVAIDS and Fix & RNAV Position Report. All the other parameters in this menu seem to have “persistency”, but not these three items.

Have I missed a setting or inadvertently changed something somewhere that is causing them to need to be re-initialized with each session?

Any suggestions? Or, if I’m asking something that’s already been addressed, please point me there.

Thank you.

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it would be very nice if I e.g. in the world map under Filter, if I switch off the clouds, they stay off until I switch them on again. All other filters too.

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I would agree!