Save World Map Filters

yep - I’m tired of seeing and turning off POI & City markers every time I load the sim :wink:

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This is driving me nutty. I hope someone knows how to fix this.

When I go to the flightplanner, I click on ‘Open filters’ and turn on ‘Navaids’… the next startup it’s off again.

Doesn’t this save automatically and if not, where do I go to get it to stick? I seem to remember it used to save this stuff automatically…

There is an addon on for world map settings that might do this. I think it is set to the author’s settings and you have to edit an xml that goes into community folder to customize.

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I will check it out, thanks.

The weird thing is that I’m almost (almost) sure it did save these settings initially… I can probably also hack the settings file somewhere… it must be reading some default one. If I can get it to ‘on’ in there it might work. But this is all a bit silly…

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They are not persistent between simulator sessions. When you exit, the filters reset.

This is the edit I used. It may get overwritten by updates to the sim, so bookmark it or copy the notes somewhere for future reference.



It’s working :slight_smile:

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I was just about to create a wishlist topic for this, nice!
I 100% want this also

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It would be nice, if the selected settings(e.g. show nav-data) in the World map are saved until new changes are done.


I think right after release of MSFS, this worked for a few weeks. Then some update came…

After such a long time its still not working. Perhaps one of the Asobo developers could explain what the difficulty is, that it is not possible to save the map settings.
Perhaps its a feature

+100 Totally agree, the world map is becoming more and more cluttered with spam markers and it’s really annoying that the fliters don’t save


It would be extremely helpful for a hotfix/update to make us able to save our filters. Every simulator launch seems like a chore to clean up the world map to be able to see the airports.


Brief description of the issue: every time I change settings to the map filters (such as filtering cities, fauna and such) it saves the information for that session only., After a sim restart, it all goes back to default, this has basically always happened, but by now I would think it should be fixed. I am using developer mode, have made no changes to it. I am using the MS store version (premium deluxe) and I have tried with an empty community folder as well. Has anyone found a way around this?

You may have to hunt around and do some searching here for the topic, but yes, there is a config file somewhere that you can edit to keep the filters active. I did this for the NAVAID filter, but I don’t recall the details anymore. I also can’t remember if you need to set the file as read-only after you edit or not. I’m sure those details are in the thread.

ok, thank you for the advice. I will search for that said config file. I still think this needs a fox from Asobo, we shouldn’t have to hunt it down for it to work

Found it.


wow, that was quick. thank you for this

No need to change any attributes of the file. Just change the values.

Seems it’s not longer working :sleepy: :sleepy:

After an update, you need to redo it.