Scenery based CTD's are fast becoming a nightmare

I now have several sceneries causing CTD’s that are pay ware, I bought LGSA yesterday from the Market place, CTD, EGPN from orbx is now causing a CTD, its getting a bit much. What can I do, I remove the products and it fine. Like I cant even trust buying scenery any more.

I mean is this going to be fixed? This issue has just sprung up out of no where!

Likely caused by server-side preparations for today’s big update.

Best to wait until the update before putting them back in.

Hi @SuperSixBravo, please see this post below:

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So, how long should it take to have a reply from zendesk, this game is now no usable for me…

It really depends, Zendesk is used as a joint platform for bug reporting and customer support.

If your ticket falls into the category of a “bug report”, you may only get a written reply if they need more information. The ticket will eventually be marked as “solved”, which does not mean the issue has been fixed, but that the issue has been reported in the internal QA bug tracking tool on Asobo’s end.

If your ticket is handled as a support issue, you should get a message back within a couple of working days.

Is your ticket related to the CTDs reported by SuperSixBravo in this thread?

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