Scenery Gateway System - World Hub

I was most excited for a gateway system with a scope outside of airport. To be able to correct and enhance world objects and POI’s. I understand their reservations but I did present some solutions worth exploring to make it work. But unfortunately they’ve restricted it to just airports hence why I feel the very low participation rate.

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Speaking solely of editing airports here:
Does seem disappointing that by my understanding the improvements can only ever be the airport logic / placement of non-true to life buildings.

Buildings with the wrong roof type or with incorrect facade materials when in fact they have more intricate design are stil not going to make an airport look familiar or recognisable.

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One step at a time folks. Let us start with people being able to correct taxiway identification and signs. Then we can move on to POI’s.

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Editing taxiway signs and general airports are already an established system in other sims like XPlane. This system was supposed to be a step above from the get go after learning from the already establish gateway systems of tiebreak sims and expanding on it.


Yeah, this system has taken nearly 3 years to establish and the SDK folks actively tamped down on the entire idea of editing POIs, so arguing it’ll come at some unspecified future date is only guesswork.

I can’t see them opening up the entire world. Someone’s got to approve it and there won’t be enough of them.

That’s why we have a community folder and commercial mods too.

I expect the gateway system to consist of tweaking airports with base installation content and nothing else.

Freeware on Xbox would make a bigger difference to many.


Trusted community moderators. Just like the forum, and oh probably most crowd sourced sites out there. The options are undoubtedly there if Asobo wants to make this into a proper scenery gateway like many of us hoped for.


The problem is licensing. With custom content there is a risk that people use licensed models and/or e.g. google imagery to create models that then become part of a commercial product. One of the original model creators (or google) can then sue Microsoft. It is practically impossible for Microsoft to check every contribution being original work. This is also why the X-Plane Gateway only allows stock buildings to be placed in airports, not custom models.

The XPlane gateway system has every contribution moderated even though they’re using stock assets. If the system requires every contribution to be moderated before being published, I don’t see why not it can’t moderate customs assets either.

Customs assets are totally fine as long as they’re not obvious copyright infringements. Basics like trademarked artwork or designs should lead to an instant rejection. A quick look through the model should be enough for this.

World gateway is indeed very much possible, if they optimize the moderation system for it. It’s not too hard, just a few extra checks.


You’d need moderators to be familiar with every mesh and texture ever made by humanity.

Or you could simply keep it ringfenced and lead a quiet life.


Now that it’s May, does anyone have any idea or remember when or if they stated when the scenery gateway tool should be released?

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In the April 27 feedback they stated that it will be released with World Update 14. The tool is ready but there were some website issues.

Thanks, I see that now. Unfortunately they never updated their development roadmap past April. So late May/June is a ‘bit’ disappointing. So probably another 3 to 4 weeks to go, if that.

Has any comment been made about the ability to augment 3rd party airports? My biggest gripe with MSFS as far as scenery goes is that we can’t adjust parking spots like we did with FSX & P3D. In FS9, FSX or P3D you could use Lee Swordy’s AFCAD, and after than Scruffy Ducks ADE to modify either 3rd party airports or use the base airports as a starting point to create your own airports.

Given so many 3rd party developers seem either ignorant or lazy when it comes to parking space size and airline codes, if we want AI aircraft to park correctly it would be nice to be able to use 3rd party .BGL’s as a base for enhancement.

Not sure the 3rd party developers would love it for that, but if they’re too lazy to add correct parking spots perhaps they wouldn’t mind if the community did it for them.

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Gotta agree with this. Its quite annoying to see these devs put so much detail into their terminals with airline logos and all yet not assign any parking codes. It’s a super easy thing to do and I did it as well back in the FSX days.

Boy do I love seeing a bunch of Southwest aircraft parked at the Delta concourse at the airport I just spent $25 on… (sarcasm)

Exactly. It just amazes me that Asobo built in a scenery editor, into the sim no less, and yet even with that you can’t (unless things have changed) add parking codes to a parking spot. Just baffling. Particularly given we’ve now got some really good AI Traffic packages out there…

No updates on the World Hub in the July 21 update video. Seems like an awfully low priority to MS at this point, which is sad.

Wasn’t it supposed to be released in May? Then June? Odd that it keeps getting pushed back. I’m sure they said it was in beta months ago…

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Yup. May 29th, then June, then website compatibility stuff, and now July 25th if that. Beta since Feb/March.

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When looking through the latest Development Update under Active Development it stated WU 14. So lets hope we will get it then