Scoring for Reno Air Races seems broken

What is the deal with awarding points in the Reno Air Races? It seems that I do not get awarded points anymore. So now, I am basically risking points with no upside in each race. Do I have to only be in races with eight players? Does it depend on their level? If so, how do I know their level before accepting the race?

Below is a race with seven players, and I did not get any points.

Hey Buddy I have just noticed this happening in the last day or so but it does not effect all plane types for me just jets. Have you had any feedback on this query from anywhere yet?

No, I haven’t. What I suspect is going on that that the scoring is based on the number of players in the race, as well as their ranking. I was able to move up to #1 yesterday by getting on a race with another top ten player. Other than that, I don’t get points. Really kills the fun at the upper levels.

I would be fine with it if there wasn’t such a huge loss of points if I lost. I am at the point where I won’t race unless there is someone else in the top ten on the race.

That certainly makes sense and so it looks like we have to wait for Top ten players to joust with. Thanks for working that out… would be nice if they produced more detailed point scoring requirements instead of making us punters have to work it out on our own…

Also I’d love to race the top dog sometime we will have to compare schedules :wink:

Hi, same here, someone said on discord that it has to do with reaching 2400 points for a plane category. Unless you fly with players over 2400, you won’t get any point. Time to grind the other category :grin:

See you in the races :sunglasses:

Request me as a friend on MSFS2020, I would love to race!

My in game name is AtomicTerrorPig

That could be it. I will keep an eye on the scores and see if that holds up. I have over 2400 in T-6 now, so I can test that out.

I really need a point in Unlimited as I lost the #1 spot, and can’t find anyone to race to make that up.