Screen tearing when panning cockpit camera after SU6

That seemed to have solved it for me too, but unfortunately the issue came back after a while.

Yesterday I flew about 2 hours without issues. My last flight was in the F18 and all of a sudden it started tearing/pixelate the top of my screen…

I found that if I had render scale set above 100, I would get tearing at the top of the screen where the toolbar is. This started after SU5.

The tearing I was getting more recently was most noticeable on the cockpit window spars.

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Confirmed here too… will try vertical sync to see if there’s a way to improve.

As well as the low “GPU Usage”, they are appear randomly since i join the sim about three months ago, setting up the Render Scale to 200 will get the usage back to 100%, but higher the lag magnificent and bring the tearing back. Once it appear, nothing help apart from restart the sim. It always in the specifically position which i think it could be toolbar module cause this issue.

Brand new system and latest graphic driver as always. Please make this wonderful game better and better.

Same issue. Never had it before.
The developers need to stop making updates if they can’t help but create new issues at every single one. Jeez, for the love of God :roll_eyes:

Don’t count on Asobo to fix anything. Hopefully good guy Nvidia will push out a hotfix if they’re paying attention.

Many people have this problem now. Confirmed “fix” for now is changing anti-aliasing in the game

It had also been reported that enabling fast vsynch in the Nvidia control panel app helps.

I doubted a little if thread “Glitchy Pixels at top of screen” I linked earlier is really issue what I experiencing, because some of the screenshots were looking a little bit different. But video in that reddit thread is exactly what happening in my sim. I had several flights without problem, deemed it as “fixed” with new driver, but it’s back, and in every sim run so far. Tried multiple drivers, it worked for a while but every time it reappeared. What I also noticed is that also POI markers “floats around” when I move camera with TrackIR. When I switched to DLAA everything including markers worked as usual. I wonder why this has so little attention. Maybe it only affects users with G-SYNC active? Or TrackIR? Or both?

The tearing has returned for me. I’m trying the various fixes mentioned above but no joy yet. I do have one of the Bijan seasons installed via the marketplace - removing that that will be the final thing I try.

It’s odd as it’s intermittent and can improve during flight.

Just upgraded my system to a 3080 ti card and encountering this issue for the first time with TAA and 100 render scaling. Sucks.

So I tried a few things: Fast Vsynch set on Nvidea and stopped using TAA for one of the lower settings. Something worked as the tearing has stopped, although I had to close the SIM and do a restart to notice the difference. Whatever it was, I hope it continues to work.

@bravetoss07 I don’t have TrackIR or G-Sync and have the tearing sometimes.
@AlpineB4652 It is very hard to reproduce. I got it once after a few hours of flying and I got it once after 10 minutes of flying, but I started wondering about multiplayers. Now I did a 3 hour flight, with TAA anti-aliasing on, and I turned off the Nameplates before starting the flight, and I don’t get the tearing now.

I have nameplates disabled all the time and have the tearing. Only settings in sim which has influence on it is TAA. I tried forcing ingame vsync and multiple other things, nothing has any effect. Thanks for confirming it does not probably relate to gsync or TrackIR. One flight cannot unfortunately confirm that issue is gone. I had 10+ bugfree flights which lasted 2+ hours and then without any change issue was back. Now I have it in every sim run. Weird.
@AlpineB4652 changing to any other AA settings immediately resolves tearing in my case, without simulator restart. Problem is everything lower than TAA looks like **** IMHO.

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Just been doing a flight from Belfast to Heathrow, and the tearing started about 15 mins from landing. Was fine before that.
Running 4k @ 100% scaling. Latest drivers for 2080Ti installed etc :frowning:

It only seems to happen when I have TAA selected as Anti-Aliasing.

I just started having the issue too. It’s not always present, and I have no idea how or why it comes and goes…

Enabling Fast Synch in the Nvidea control panel has completely resolved it for me. There are some good posts explaining what causes screen tearing in one of the other threads on the forum.

I am going to close this thread and refer anyone who still has this issue to vote/ provide feedback in this earlier thread, which appears to be reporting the same isse: