SDK broken or crappy new process

What has happened with the SDK? Why would they change it so you now have to restart the sim to be able to see in progress changes. Whereas previously you could just do a Build All, close the project, then reopen project to see changes without needs to close and restart the sim. Now it will only work after placing the package of the new project into Community, restart sim and then reopen the project.

This makes absolutely no sense to me whatsoever. Why would they change it to be like this? Why make the process so much more long winded, shouldn’t they be trying to make it easier and more streamlined. I’m just confused.

Now for every change you want to see in sim it takes 10 mins instead of 1 min as per previous process.



Because they don’t give a ■■■■ about it all. I do not understand how it was possible to release an update that has not been verified and will certainly bring losses to everyone who works and creates projects. To release an update just to release it? Why be so disgraced? The studio’s reputation is so badly damaged, now this is also. I can imagine what losses are now being borne by large developers like PMDG who have hired and paid for every hour of their work and who cannot work because the tools are faulty. Now almost two days of work have been lost and no one will return this to anyone. And it is not known how long this will continue, it may be necessary to postpone or completely abandon the project at this stage.


I think they give a ■■■■. I just think this project ran away a little bit and there is too much going on. They are having issues with quality control on releases, that is obvious.


If you place the pre built package into community folder then open the project in the SDK, only half of the models load, the other objects are unknown… and none of our custom models are in the object list. This is simply dumb, the only reason you are getting some models loading is because they are in the community folder as a package… a bit like using another authors scenery objects in your own scenery but no body else will see them unless they have the other mod installed

I don’t have this particular problem, I do with other aspects.

The UK update also fried a few airports but this time around the update is making some airports full on sim breakers and I’ve no idea how to solve it yet.

Don’t think I can be arsed if every single major update wrecks things every single time.

I generally cannot build a project that was assembled 1000 times without problems before the update. The model does not appear on the aircraft rollout. None of the methods described on the forums fix the problem. Apparently, the development will have to be frozen.

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when you put the built package with invisible object into com folder it will appear, how silly is that

It can be done. I was just working on a project now but the work around is painful:

Work Around:

  1. Place New Model Into ModelLib Directory
  2. Build the project using the SDK tool or launch the sim to build.
  3. Copy Build Contents to the Community Folder
  4. Restart Simulator
  5. Open SDK Project
  6. Place Object
  7. Save
  8. Build / Build All
  9. Copy New Package into Community
  10. Launch Sim
  11. Rinse & Repeat for each Model change / Additional Model.

Doesn’t appear. For the second day I have been trying options, reading forums and collecting a new project and various methods do not help.

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I have done this many times.

When you reload the sim after placing contents into community, do you hit ‘build all’ first before you open in scenery editor?

holy smoke!

I click, as usual, 'Build ’ I did not click Build All. Need to try.

After you put your package into community and then restart the sim, open your project, but don’t build, just open into scenery editor. As soon as you hit build, you’ll then have to close out again and put that new build into community for it to work.

OK. Thank you. I’ll try.

Let me know how you get on :+1:t3:

Of course I will write. Thank you.

Thank you kind person !!! Everything worked out!!! You saved me! I owe you candy))))

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Is ASOBO choosing children for testing? :smiley:

No, they just do it with paws :grinning:
no offense