SDK scenery adventures

Weekend… Playing around putting objects and textured cubes with Blender (I’m an absolute Blender beginner) :stuck_out_tongue:

Day 2… I’ve got some stones and a few dinosaurs in there… And there’s right click/Properties/ ground level snap OFF… so objects can be elevated or buried anywhere. Behold Jurassic park stage #1. Now how to get the texture on it :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Day 4… modifying something in Blender… check if multiple objects can be imported as 1 pair (ok)

Day 4… lighting experiments… when you leave lights in Blender, they are incorporated. Lights inside an object will work light lamps.

When it gets dark…

Day 5… transparency (no, my sweet home 3d greenhouses don’t look as they should :yum: yet

Thanks to Basic Alpha Transparency – Blender Knowledgebase I’ve found something, this involves 2 shaders in Blender, and it survives the Khronos glTF-conversion… only cleaned up the texture,

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