Seafront's Global Shipping on Xbox

(On Xbox Series X)

I have noticed that the Enhanced AI and Global Shipping have been what seems to me automatically deleted from my content management yet the core library still remains, is this a normal part of the process? Also are we going to be issued refunds regardless now even if we still want them?

Hi @RandyFlagg9653 Thanks for asking - We’re waiting on clarification from MS regarding the refund process for Xbox users but I will feed in your specific question.

The Core Library is there in support of Vessels: Anguilla, St Martin & St Barts which is working on Xbox.


Im guessing if we don’t go through the awkwardness of issuing refunds, the system will know we have already paid for these when they become available?

I sure hope so, I’m more disturbed by the fact the 2 add ons were wiped from my console without as much as a warning, telling me what’s going on. Did this happen to you? Not cool in my books :unamused:

I think Seafront have mentioned it to be fair in their update thread that they referenced earlier as they don’t want anyone else buying for now so they requested removal.

Does anyone know how to do the refund process for this. As it won’t be the usual one.

I suppose it could come under “I was charged but haven’t received my item.”

Hi @RandyFlagg9653 - We requested removal from the Marketplace for Xbox but didn’t know that this would delete it from your system too so apologies for the lack of warning. Hopefully it just means you save some space whilst we get this resolved. MS/Asobo are closed over the weekend so I’m expecting more detail will be forthcoming early next week.


Has been entirely pulled from content manager and marketplace and Microsoft has denied both of my refund requests because simpoints = consumable to them and they ignore legitimate requests.

Can you escalate this? Thanks.

This is rather appalling. I hope this is resolved quickly. We should be refunded for products that don’t work.

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Yes it is apalling. After Microsoft twice denied my refunds as “consumables” I filed digital goods not received claims with PayPal and attached images of the @SeafrontSims post on the forums as well as emails denying my refunds and they instantly refunded my money saying I provided adequate evidence of items not received.


That’s the last time I buy any Marketplace content.

And that’s no fault of Seafront, this is all about Microsoft and Asobo policies.

As an Xbox User you have NO alternative. But for future buy i will first check for feedback.

The M/S response on a refund is outrageous and makes me wary in the future. Quite right to raise it via Paypal, maddening to have to though. If a product is pulled for non functionality then you should get an option of a refund, end of.
It’s not the devs fault though, it must be really hard to do last minute QA on your product when it’s released through a proprietry platform/marketplace and approved by M/S / Asobo. The joys of the marketplace and a closed system (XBox).
I’m still looking forward to this release when it eventually comes out on XBox. Just glad I held off for now.

The problem is, the marketplace on Xbox keeps all ratings from the PC version (with no review commentary, of course) so people see a good rating and go buy it even though it may not work at all or have significant bugs on Xbox. This has happened with soooo many add-ons. And someone has to take the plunge and spend the time uploading for your specific hardware.

Is it really too much to ask that this stuff get tested before we’re asked to spend money on it? I don’t think anyone is interested in the blame game at this point but the whole working on PC with old user reviews/broken on Xbox trend really needs to stop.

Xbox is supposed to be easier to manage - everyone has the same hardware, software updates are rare and usually don’t mess with how game code functions - should be a one and done easy way for devs to increase sales but everyone is struggling for some reason.

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If the add ons are not working and the fault is not with the purchaser/user then I agree absolutely with you.

If the product is not fit for purpose or does not work as intended then I would say that there is absolutely a moral duty on behalf of the retailer to at least offer a refund.

Admittedly my knowledge of UK consumer law is somewhat rusty but I would have thought that the consumer would also have a statutory right in law to a refund also, at least in the UK.

UK law-
“The retailer has one opportunity to repair or replace any goods or digital content that are of unsatisfactory quality, unfit for purpose or not as described, before you can claim a refund.”

According to this article (worth a read) by Which

To me it’s more a public perception thing for M/S. If it were me I’d probably wait until I thought it was “unreasonably long”. I can understand those who may not want to though, but you just may not be covered by law until you meet the criteria in described in the article.
I’d say the fact the Dev is on here and expecting the issue to be minor and hopefully fixed soon is a good sign.

Thanks for the response :slightly_smiling_face:

My knowledge of consumer law isn’t as up to date as it used to be so thanks for the update.

Nevertheless I’m hoping it’s quickly sorted for everybody as soon as possible. It must be pretty frustrating for those who have bought it and they have my sympathies :slightly_smiling_face:

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bruuu… i dont care about ratings in a ingame marketplace. i refer to feedback in this forum or other forums. everyone has to do their own ■■■■■■■ research.

I hope you did not take my comments as directed at you. Many will purchase based on the in-game rating system - it is misleading at best since products get updated and ratings may not be for your platform. It should either be overhauled or removed imho - then people would be inclined to research a product.

You and I may realize how the marketplace works but I can guarantee many on Xbox do not. They see products offered in game and assume they are vetted by the publisher like most Xbox games with in-game marketplaces.


Hope the Issues on Xbox gets fixed soon so we can get them back on xbox

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