Seasons No Longer “Started”

For the longest time Seasons under wish list items was marked as “started”. It’s now listed as “planned”. Jorg and MS likely realized they could monetize feature requests and thus the most requested items will now cost us all money in form of MS2024. Shameful really.


I think they’ve changed it since they have seasons in MSFS 2024.

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I would suspect this will be the trend with any larger undertakings that would more than likely bleed into the launch of 2024.

They will hold off and make it available then, whether to drive sales, or, perhaps just the coding has changed in a way in that version that will make it easier to implement / implement properly.

Either way, sign of the times.


we don’t care, nearly everyone will go to msfs24


There is a difference between asking for free updates to fix bugs and free updates to add many new features. I don’t know of any game that has for so long added new features. It is normal to create a new paid version with new features. Even if it was planned to introduce the seasons in MSFS, I am not shocked that they introduce this in MSF24. At one point, they do like everyone else and the news asks only increases on the part of the community. I would have been angry if all my Market Place investment was in the trash. They decided to make everything compatible and no matter the reason, it’s the most important thing. Welcome MSF24 I can’t wait!


Ummm hyperbolic much? A lot of most-requested features and enhancements came for free in the past 3+ years for 2020, now some features/enhancements are coming in 2024. That’s how a regular business works with product offerings from version to version. To keep paying a $60-$120 every 3-4 years for a new base sim and also continually getting free improvements inbetween these releases from month to month in the forms of SUs, AAUs, WUs, CUs, etc etc etc… ya, far from shameful I’d say.

As the head of MS/XBox studios says here Giant Bomb at Nite: Night 3 - YouTube , there were some big improvements in certain areas of the sim that warranted a new release (graphics, weather, flight dynamics, etc). So it might be the case that seasons depends on these core improvements (i.e. graphics, 3D trees, etc) that means it gets released in 2024 only

If you were expecting to keep getting free enhancements in the sim forever that that’s rather unrealistic and was never promised.


You don’t have to buy 2024 if you don’t want to.


5 mins 35 in this video Jorge clearly states that FS2020 has/will have a full season cycle. Fully understandable that people are angry. He didn’t say it was an upgrade, addition, paid or otherwise he was confidently saying - “this is what we have in the sim”. Sounds like a blatant lie to me. We never had seasons we had summer, and “summer with white shading representing snow”, that was present at LOWI in +20 degrees C!


That’s well over a year old. Things change.

When I was younger I was told we would be living on the moon by the year 2020, famine would be a thing of the past and Leeds United would be at the top of the Premiership.

Life is full of disappointments. Get used to it.


Shameful really that a simulator has gone through it’s whole iteration without seasons.


Not true. It’s always had summer, to be fair.


That’s a straw man. No one is asking for free stuff forever; some people are asking for features which have existed for ages on the wishlist as planned or started.


If the manager of a company tells me a product includes something, and I buy that product, I expect to receive it. People are going to feel that way. Get used to it.


the loyalty that some people have towards corporation baffles me! not even their partners probably get the same. It’s one of the reasons why video games are going down the hill in quality, especially western games! people pay, and the very least they deserve to express their concern and disappointment …or does that offends you too? it is only logical that with all the existing bugs and whishes people want this version of the game done and polished…seasons was started for this version not anymore, we have also been asking to fix all the weather bugs since su7 and a better weather system…guess we are not getting that either now unless we pay for the newest version. Not too mention that those weather changes made since su7 many heated the fact that we have lost so much variety in the sky, thunders and lightings and even though we paid money our product was changed in something we did not want, because now day you buy something and the next day you have to pray it doesn’t transform in something else!


Seasons isn’t an enhancement. It’s in every sim out there except this one.


Just like functional windshield wipers. Even xp11 has it!


The implementation is as easy as injecting just 4 xml files which are the ones defining the bionomes (tree types). That´s what REX Accuseason has done for 1 year now. For the ground textures they can just put a shader on top of the Bing textures to make it dry or green. As the final terrain tone already defines the grass density you don´t even need to care about anything else. Shaders are already inyected by game in other situations, so that´s also available. Is that so hard to bring to MSFS? Clearly not. They just don´t want to so that seasons are a unique feature on the next release to justify the need to purchase it.



I can’t believe you fell for LU winning the premiership! :rofl:

As you say things change. Likely that one enhancement like seasons requires others and they’ll only be available in 2024.

I see people buying each years FIFA or F1 without complaint and there’s very little difference there between versions.




The word “season” appears at around 05:34. At no point do they mention “2020” in that context.

Again, this “2020” thing is in invention of the community. He is referring to “Flight Simulator” as a product.

On the right of the video, look for this:



Even the Wikipedia page makes no mention of that:


This “2020” thing seems more pervasive than the Moon landing hoaxes. :slight_smile:

Now if you want to dig in to what he actually said, you could argue whether he is saying they “have” that, or they “want” that. It reads to me like these are goals, but then immediately after that states that the sun, and moon are fully realised, and simulated. That reads like they “have” that.

My guess is that they have planned to do this, but for reasons unknown, and presumably technical, they haven’t been able to do it. Perhaps with this partial rewrite of Flight Simulator into Flight Simulator 2024 they were able to do just that.