Separate terrain level of detail / draw distance sliders

To my knowledge currently bing data textures (satellite data) is linked to the detail of the terrain.
having it at 100 is showing blurry ground textures while 200 is very nice and sharp.

but the slider is also linked to draw distance which drops performance hard.
can’t we just seperate the two and make 2 sliders instead?
or make draw distance a selectable of low medium high ultra ?

EDIT: this way the ground texture will look clean and sharp while having less of a performance impact that comes with draw distance

This doesn’t answer your issue but I am unable to find how to ask my own question which is.

When flying over Disney World, Epcot etc. I only get computer generated graphics and not authentic scenery. Can anyone help me with this?


most sceneries are AI generated at the moment.
hand crafted sceneries you might find at but i am not sure disney world is there.
the France world update might bring it tho by Asobo.

Thanks for that. However, there are examples of folk flying over Disney World etc. on You Tube. One in particular flies from Kissimmee Gateway and shows fantastic scenery of the golf courses, the hotels, Epcot, Magic Kingdom and others. It’s obviously there somewhere, but not on my version. HELP!!

can understand your frustration mate, but this isn’t a help topic :stuck_out_tongue:
you should join the official discord so we can help ya out.

make sure “online”, “Use Bing maps”, and “Use Photogrametry” are all on in the options (General>Data). If thats not it then I dont know.
now back to the thread at hand…

it’s on mate, i’ll post some comparison screenshots of what i exactly mean later today.

Thank for that.

How do I join “official discord”?

Thanks I’ll have a look at that.

This is a help category. :wink:

The #self-service:wishlist is for suggesting features. See if this topic is what you describe:

it’s also an issues category, it’s a bit of an issue to be honest hehe.
but that’s technicalities.

uhm the link you sent is a part of what i suggested.
it’s more of a photogrammetry map detail + draw distance that needs to be seperated.
currently it’s linked to one and other.
can you move my post to the wishlist section Hester? would appreciate it :smiley:

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Topic as been moved into Wishlist.

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Dear Asobo Team, if you stumble across this post, please add a draw distance slider for the upcoming WU6, you guys have mentioned a slider to increase cached scenery but it would be great to have granular control over the Terrain draw distance.

Thanks again for the hard work and a speedy hotfix 2 :wink:

I agree, though this probably needs a bit of clarification. For example, if the draw distance is greater but what is drawn there looks awful, that’s not great.
With max LOD (without Usercfg edits) there are still very obvious LOD loads happening close to the aircraft. By close I mean maybe something like 0.3 nm (or 550 meters), assuming ~250 knots at pretty low altitude, so just seconds before you pass over.
I can’t recall that being the case previously, and prior to SU5 I’ve always played with LOD at 100/100.


Agree 100%, it would need a good implementation, perhaps a slider similar to p3d, I think fsx too where the LOD Radius could be adjusted, however as you said what is draw there would have to be complex too and that’s where the scenery complexity slider would assist. That’s the idea anyway.

I don’t mind further out textures becoming less detailed however i find in FS2020 there are pretty hard lines, scenery/textures are great up to a certain distance and then the cutoff is drastic, perhaps if they transitioned it to be more natural, it would look a whole lot better and also prevent morphing nearby and ugly transitions.

This slider already exists, it’s Terrain Level of Detail and the equivalent of LOD Radius in FSX/P3D.

If you mean an extension so it can go above 200, or different sliders for terrain textures, mesh quality, trees, buildings, photogrammetry or so on, that’s a valid request, but you should make the first post more specific.

Perhaps I wasn’t specific enough, but before I go on rambling, Terrain LOD and Draw Distance are two completely different things. Lets divide an area into ten different sheets of A4 paper, LOD will be the level of detail on a single A4 piece of paper which you are flying over, draw distance is increasing the detail of the pieces around you.

But this is exactly what the Terrain Level of Detail slider is doing already. Turning it up will increase the quality of the terrain textures, mesh and photogrammetry at longer distances, and will multiply the draw distance of buildings and trees (the base value depends on their respective settings). It does not affect only the scenery tile that you’re flying over.

The terrain itself already draws into the horizon, the only thing left to increase is its level of detail.

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LOD is too widely used, very difficult to explain my exact request so it’ll probably not happen :slight_smile: there are 100’s of websites explaining the difference between LOD and draw distance.

As you mentioned, the terrain drawn in the distance LOD needs to be increased, this is what I mean ultimately. LOD 9.000000 = 1 page, we get a fraction of the LOD at 1,2 or 3.