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Hi everybody,

Since yesterday evening, I have no more access to the in game Marketplace and according to msfs, I have no internet connexion. No more Bings map data in game. And the server choice is blocked in Auto and turns and turns and turns, but no result.

I saw another post about that ([REPORTED] Anyone else getting a Connection lost? - #270 by CaptainG64), but it has been closed since it the servers were back online. I wanted to know if someone else has the same issue as me or if I am alone ?


Hi @brynair,
Have you tried signing out of any xbox app you may have installed and sign back in? (make sure MSFS is not running when doing this)

Also check the MS Store to see if there are any updates.

Hi @Hester40MT,
Hmm I have only the MS Store and everything is up to date… and I did the following procedure but nothing changes.

I am a bit desperate because I have no idea what’s happening :confused: … never had such problemes before. Really strange

You made sure that the MS Store and MSFS are logged into the same account?

I know others that have had this problem were able to solve by the logging out/logging back in.

Do you have just the xbox app? I think there could be up to 3 xbox related apps (you don’t need them, but if you have them installed, they all do need the same login) - with the exception of the xbox app (required for MS Store/Game Pass version).

@Hester40MT, you just saved my day … Thank you very very much !!!

I didn’t have the Xbox App actually… how was it working before yesterday :open_mouth: ?? Amazing … I was on the same account in the MS Store and in game in MSFS… But since yesterday, nothing was working or acting like before… I downloaded the Xbox App, put my account in it, closed it, ran MSFS, and tada… everything is like before ! :smiley:

Thank you for your help !

Awesome! :slight_smile:

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