Servers down / issue (25 January 2023)


Anyone having server issues ( netherlands )
Keep getting no connection message and stays offline

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Yes same trouble here in Australia

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The same problems in Switzerland.

Fehlercode: (0x80072ee2)

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Same in USA Texas…

Same here in New Zealand

Germany also

Great comunication again from MS / Asobo :frowning:

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It can only get better.

Scotland also!

Big Microsoft server down overall, not just msfs.

Hello : Services down too @Orleans (France)

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Ms Exchange Servers are also down. Big trouble for Microsoft

Same here in Belgium


Great, started up after weeks only to be greeted by the ugly red offline message…

Western Europe appears to be OK although there might still be intermittent trouble ahead while the whole Azure network is being fixed

Im having the same showing off line in plymouth uk

For me its working again ( wester europe … live weather and FSTL )

Issue looks be resolved!

(Monitoring is normal)

(Removed banner)

I only have 1 server option available( Northern Europe) which aint connecting.

So I will have to wait it out.