Servers down tonight?

I start the sim, I get the message that access to content servers is currently not available. I click quit and I get signed out of the Xbox live. Is it servers or is it just me?

Yeah I just had it but after 10 Minutes I am back on.Just a temporary Glitch I think.

Others are reporting similar on other sites, i guess theres server issues

Seems like it’s the servers. I overreacted and thought that I’m gonna end up reseting my windows again.

Yep but looks like now all is well

Netherlands, can’t confirm at this moment… no popups, flying over Florida, cache off

Reset windows? Troubleshooting means you start with a small screw driver first and make your way up to the larger. Not to throw a nuke immediately ^^


I had similar problem, but after a few attempts it started.

Same here in Rio de Janeiro. it took 3 attempts to a good start. Good to know that it was general, I thought that my copy was corrupted.

Didn’t see any issues. Sweden…flying over Africa all night.

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