Servers offline right now?

Thank you for your information and welcome to the community…


Thanks for the update and thank you for being on it so quickly.

Yes normally, I could choose the servers, nothing was greyed out, status was always online, but maybe it has something to do with my settings, if it has nothing to do with the servers!

Try opening the Microsoft Store and downloading any queued updates. I noticed that I had an update to the X-Box app today.

And please don’t be an ‘Angry Badger’! :laughing: Great handle!



I am in Florida and for the first time, the Sim was unflyable last night due to extremely low FPS. From a normal of high 30’s-mid 40’s…last night was at times, single digits, and always below 20. I love MSFS and state the above just to provide feedback and to let others to give it a day or two before screwing around with your settings.

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Well, live traffic seems to be still out in CEU?

Edit: Just landed EDFM in bogus visibility of 1000m (METAR:9999), no photogrammetry, on a very blurry sat photo runway and collided with some invisible something right before turning onto the taxiway. :frowning:

You know, after a week or so saying “no biggie” to a whole bunch of new issues, the MS blinkenlights servers are kind of taking a bit of the fun out of saying “no biggie”.
Edith: Issue due to rolling cache needing yet another deletion/rebuild

Can these type of issues be detected automatically by some monitoring software?
I’m only asking because I see these complaints very often, one day is live weather not loading, one day it is live traffic, next day the checking for updates takes ages and so on.

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Did 2 flights today. Weather was working, but no live traffic at all (at Europe here)…

Horrible bad connection ‘your bandwidth is too low’ for a week now, western EU
100MB connection

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Puhhh whats going on with this sim ?

DC6 disaster
multiple Xbox ctd‘s
online server not working

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EDFM has been like that since the last SU. Please see - and possibly vote - on my thread here: EDFM - runway gone, photogrammetry super low quality after SU7 - Bugs & Issues / Airports - Microsoft Flight Simulator Forums

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Just checked again, MSFS does not even try.
“Because Bandwidth is too low you’re offline”

I’m logged in but server choice is grayed.

Tried EGLC London City, slewed around a bit, actually this looks better than a half witted connection with blobs in stead of buildings. Looks like Xplane this way, synthetic building blocks.


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The issue was only impacting Live Traffic. If you experience other specific issue related to Online services, please check if a topic already exists to continue the discussion.

Thanks again for your feedback.

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No issues here this morning. Now I have had bandwidth issues since SU5. You never know when you’ll be the one who is affected. They really need to get these server issues straightened out though.

Replied in that thread and edited my post above.

I now am being told to update MSFS with a 115GB update.

This is awful, how many more times to I have to re download this simulator?


Reinstalled Gaming Services using Power Shell CMD. Removed Community Folder and restarted MSFS. After checking for updates I was prompted to install the Simulator again. I chose the location of my existing MSFS installation which is not the default location on my C:/ drive.

Checking for updates completed and simulator started as normal without a massive download. Phew!

I am not sure why this happened?


I get that message now, while the game is loading… :rofl:

MSFS looks for a Community folder, empty or not

No hijacking of threads folks. This is strictly about whether certain Live Services are online or not. Stay on topic.

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