Services.xml - Be Careful of the SDK - filepaths are all wrong

Asobo very kindly gave us an example Services.xml file in the SDK.

Unfortunately, the syntax they used is wrong in real life. Granted, we should check everything so the author should always check filename paths, but it’s taken me 4 months of working on this aspect and 3 hours of testing today trying to figure out why I couldn’t call a fuel truck at my airport (“No fuel trucks are available” response from ground control) before I figured out a solution. Everybody’s files I’ve looked at, we all assumed the example was correctly written.

The Services delivered with the game are in …\OneStore\asobo-services\AirportServices\Shared. The rather unfortunate thing is that the directories in this directory are named differently than they are listed in the example file.

The example file for instance suggests the the service for fuel trucks should be written as

<Service name ="Fuel" Filename="Shared\Fuel\Fuel" ParkingType="VEHICLE" Frequency="1"/>

In actuality, it should be

<Service name ="Fuel" Filename="Shared\Asobo_Fuel\Fuel" ParkingType="VEHICLE" Frequency="1"/>

All of the Service scripts are in directories that start with Asobo_, yet this is not on any of the example paths. When I fixed the filename path to account for this, I could start calling a fuel truck again at my airport that I used Services.xml and ICAO_LWcfg.xml files to reduce traffic and get rid of pushbacks. This is true for all services, for instance, Shared\Asobo_GroundPowerUnit\GroundPowerUnit, not Shared\GroundPowerUnit\GroundPowerUnit

I hope this helps someone figure out how to get their services files working.

While it’s not a critical error, I’m sure a lot of people will miss this. I submitted a bug report to Zendesk on it. I’m kind of sad I spent my afternoon figuring it out. But I’m glad I fixed it, for me at least.


Haven’t used it to add things, but only to remove all services. so this will come in handy.
Thanks for sharing this info.

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Moderators. I see a lot of Services.xml files out there in the wild that have this problem, the wrong path to the services files. It would probably be a good idea to pin this thread until Asobo rectifies the situation. Assuming they ever believe it’s necessary to fix it.


As of SDK v0.10.0 the example files still do not put the necessary Asobo_ in the directory names in the …\OneStore\asobo-services\AirportServices\Shared\ directory. Your services will NOT work without the correct path name to the services. Make sure to check all paths and their spelling.

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The SDK still has not been updated with the correct paths, but all the example files have now been updated with the correct paths, and lots of detail that wasn’t there is now in the examples. We’re getting closer to a working system. Now we only need the ability to create either airport specific living world config files (It seems like it’s possible Airport Services do now support airport specific services), or, apparently there was some discussion with Asobo developers about possibly allowing developers to create their own regions, and link Living World Config files to those regions.

Personally, I’d like to see the portions of the Living World Config file related to airports separated out so they can be specified on a single airport. I submitted a feature request to this affect.

Zendesk reports 118517 and 118723