Settings for MSFS2020

Hi, I have a i7-4770K cpu @ 3,50 GHZ with 16 GB RAM, a NVIDIA Geforce GTX1050 TI graphic card and a Sidewinder Force Feedback 2 joystick.
Can someone tell me the best settings to apply in MSFS2020 ?

Hi @SilkierTiger863 - That’s a very tough question to answer. With the variability of PC hardware/software configurations in the world today, even two similarly configured PCs can have drastic performance differences.

Suggest you go into Options / General / Graphics / Global Rendering Quality and work through the macro settings (Low, Medium, High-End, and Ultra) to see how your performance is. You are the best judge of what feels right for you, so… go for it!

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Hi… I’m using i7 4770k with clock speed 3.50 GHz too, but the sim randomly freezes. Do you often had it frozen too? I mean, the application randomly not responding when I checked in Windows Task Manager…
I also use 16 GB RAM and RTX 2060 Super.
I wonder why do I have those freezes…

No I don’t have this kind of problem

Hi deka, doesn’t only happen when you change the weather or time?

1920x1080 Medium.

You can find a guide in the link below to use Nvidia experience software to fine tune your settings in MSFS. Nvidia has 9 presets available in place of 4 for msfs. It manages 9 by combining low, med, high and ultra settings in a single preset rather than using the MSFS presets of all low, all med, all high or all ultra. You will probably always get a better result by fine tuning each and every MSFS graphics setting individually, but using the Nvidia experience gets you a reasonable set of settings pretty easily.

No… Unfortunately, it freezes so randomly (in Menu, world map, starting engines, cockpit view, drone cam, etc).
Does it have something to do with my CPU?

Maybe, it could be problems with high CPU temperatures. Check both, cpu and gpu temps.

Thanks for the advice. I will look for it.

Nice guide, but I believe you have a consistent typo. You keep referring to the test plane as a Cessna 182 G1000. We don’t have a 182 in any of the packages. We have a Cessna 172 G1000 though.

Good point, guide amended.

Hello, if someone can help me please with an issue. Every time I start MSFS my settings are changed to low with no reason. I reset them to default HIGH, save and apply but still restarting the sim change back to custom.
Any advise please?

I’m having this same problem, almost. Most of my graphics settings I set with Global Rendering Quality on Ultra. The rest follow. Remembering back, I could never use any graphics setting other than Med before the last update. With the last update, I found that I could do graphics at High and even Ultra and maintain fps of 50+. So I started setting to Ultra just after the update, but then found that on the next reboot the Ultra setting were back to my Med default settings. Is there a workaround? Or, what am I doing wrong?