Shaking picture with in-game vr resolution over 100



my problem is, that when i rise TAA ingame resolution beyond 100, after a short while everything starts “wobbling” extremely in VR- even the menues. Started with SU 5, before the update I was on OXR 80/TAA 120.

When this occurs and i change to 2D I can see strange artefacts (squares running across the monitor) when making fast turns with the plane.
When I restart msfs, all this is gone for a short period, then it starts again.

I would llike to test the CptLucky8 combination aof lower OXR with high TAA…
But even with OXR 50 this starts when I set TAA to as low as 105.

Specs: ryzen7 5800, rtx3090, 64gb ram, m2ssd for msfs (no OC)
WMR: OXR 90, TAA 100 (:smile: ), MR disabled, RT: 107.2108.5003
MSFS: Object and terrain LOD 200, most things on ultra
Windows: HAGS on, gamemode off
standard nvidia settings with 471.68DHC
Reverb G2, cable rev. 1, newest firmware

I get a solid 30fps in most areas. FPS dont change, when the “wobbling” occurs.
Tried to change almost everything, still occurs.
Excuse the term “wobbling”, as I am no native speaker, it is best described as a shaking of the whole picture, comparable to a loss of tracking by the g2, but it is different and extremely nauseating.


Allow me a question why one would want to set VR resolution scale over 100%? It shouldn’t improve the image quality as at 100% youre already at the maximum for your HMD. In fact if you set it higher it will render in higher resolution (and cost performance) but it will downscale to the native resolution of your headset anyway. At least i don’t notice any difference in the image quality between 100 and 150 %.

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The “wobbling” is caused by technique called “Motion-Interpolation”.
Because your headset is running at a much higher usually fixed frame rate then the game does, the VR software interpolates frames and inserts them between real frames. This allows it to feel more fluid at higher frame rates of your HMD. It removes the stuttering but the downside is, it can create artifacts (wobbling).

The more frames are being interpolated the higher the chance to see those artifacts. The lower the frame rate in game, the more frames it needs to interpolate.

So basically you can say that when your hardware is tanking hard and the game frame rate is dropping below 30 or something, it has to interpolate too much and you see that wobbling.

What you can do is to make sure that the game keeps up well above 30, then you should not see any artifacts especially at the edges of fast moving objects such as looking through the turning propeller. Reducing the graphics settings or render resolution will definetelly help to reduce wobbling. The other option is to reduce the fixed frame rate of your HMD, if your particular VR software allows it. Im using Valve Index, it can be switched to operate with 80, 90, 120 and 140 Hz. 90 being default. I have reduced it to 80, this reduced the wobbling slightly too.

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This is called “Supersampling”. In other progs, you can reach this with higher Pixel density settings.
SS in the prog himself looks much better then Steam SS. RGB Stripe Panels have a higher Subpixel Resolution then nativ.

But yeah, the performance over 100 in FS is not so nice.

Yea i know about SS, but i didn’t see it working actually with FS. If i crank it up to 200 or go down to 100 i see no any difference in the image quality. It just starts tanking hard. Using steamVR SS setting actually has a slight improvement for me. But also not realy worth it.

Before SU5 I had the best compromise of FPS/Quality with WMR-resolution 80, IngameVR Resolution 120.
Thats why I wanted to use SuperSampling again.

"The more frames are being interpolated the higher the chance to see those artifacts. The lower the frame rate in game, the more frames it needs to interpolate.
So basically you can say that when your hardware is tanking hard and the game frame rate is dropping below 30 or something, it has to interpolate too much and you see that wobbling."

I dont think that this is the case here, because as I wrote in my op: Framerate doesnt drop.
And even when I use 50% WMR-Resolution with 105% ingame resolution(which should result in a resolution well under the native res. of the G2) the shaking starts, on the other hand, if I use a WMR Resolution over 100 with ingame resolution 100, there is a lower framerate, but no wobbling.

But after all, this is no gamebreaker for me, I just wanted to share it…

Im not familiar with WMR stuff as im using valve index and steamVR.
But i can say for sure, wobbling is a result of aggressive Motion-Interpolation kicking in. It can become aggressive when the frame-rate drops too much but can also have other reasons. Speaking about steamvr it becomes noticable below 30 fps when using “auto-throttling” and motion smooting. However when using fixed throttling behaviour it can occur at higher framerates too. Usually you can disable motion interpolation in WMR somehow as far as i know, but you may get stuttering instead. Motion interpolation is supposed to “smoth” stuttering by inserting interpoltated frames in between. But when it stuttering too much motion interpolation creates those artifacts that looks like its wobbling.

So you can say, you see wobbling because you actually have stutters that the VR software ist trying to smooth out. Stuttering can also happen occasionally at higher framerates too. When frames are being dropped from time to time for some reason. I would try to disable motion smoothing, i think you can do it with OpenXR tools for WMR. Then you may see the stutters and try to resolve whats causing them.

Thank you for your reply. I dont use motion reprojection (the motion smoothing of WMR) , thats why I think this is not the problem here…

Actually i have played a little with resolution scales again on my side.

I actually see an improvement both in image quality and performance when setting in game resolution to something about 60, and on the other hand cranking up steamvr resolution over 200. This makes the whole scene quite noticable sharper then 100/100 and also i gain about 15% on framerate. But the EFIS display become a little washed out in return.

Vice versa, 120 game resolution and 80 steamvr makes EFIS displays slightly sharper, but everything else looks washed out then. Also this costs a little performance for me.

So i would prefer game res scale < 100 and VR software way over 100. EFIS still readable, not too much washed out, but the performance and overall quality gain is actually noticable.

I dont use motion reprojection

Really? Hmm youre sure that its not kicking in automatically?
Asking because the “wobbling” kind of artifacts are very characteristic for this feature when it starts tanking hard. I didn’t hear about anything else that creates something that can be described as “wobbling”.

PS: wir können auch deutsch

Klar können wir, aber dann versteht sonst keiner was, und wie sich herausgestellt hat, bin ich nicht der einzige mit dem (zugegebenermassen Luxus-)“Problem”.

I am absolutely sure, that I dont use motion reprojection. The artifacts of MR are different.

Danke trotzdem herzlichst für Deine Bemühungen!

Strange but true: I got the reverb g2 rev. 2 cable and installed the new nvidia driver (471.96), turned HAGS off(which I had done before…) and the wobble is gone…

Tried everything to reproduce it, but it is gone…

I dont know, which of the three changes made the difference, but it is good as it is now.

I think its rather the driver. I also have noticed improvements in terms of performance my HAGS was off earlier already.

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This shaking in VR is new for me I have been using my G2 for almost a year now without having this problem but in the last few days it happen twice and I can’t figure out what causing this because there are so many factors involved
I noticed this heavy wobbling happened after couple hours of operation

See the discussion here for a solution.