Sharper Image with HP Reverb G2

I am a new VR user and having a Great experience with VR with the Reverb G2. Only questions is how can I get the image sharper? There is only an issue with the text on small buttons on the G1000. Everything else is fine. I have my video resolution set to 100%. Any tips on getting the text a bit clearer? I know it should be possible because X Plane text is super sharp (but far worse VR experience).


Well, first of all, the Reverb G2 doesn’t use Steam VR. It uses OpenXR.

Here’s a good setup video:

There’s a billion posts and videos on optimizing the HP G2 for MSFS, easily Google-able and YouTube-searchable. Also look up the OpenXR Toolkit, a new tool that lets you optimize performance and quality.

Here’s the classic G2 performance/quality post:


I’m afraid you will not get the same sharpness in MSFS compared to X-Plane for now.
This mainly has to do with the way of antialiasing. MSFS uses TAA, which always blurs the image to some extent.

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Switch from SteamVR to native WMR OpenXR.
Place the headset correctly on your head to have your eye in the center of the G2 sweetspot.
If you want sharp displays set the resolution in sim to 100%. This setting affects the glass displays clarity the most.
To have flyable FPS adapt the settings in sim and play with “Customized render scale” (bring it down) in the “OpenXR Developer Tools for Windows Mixed Reality”. This setting affects mostly the outisde scenery quality.

Also check out the OpenXR Toolkit and OpenXR Toolkit Companion to really help improve your G2 experience. The recent Beta 3 version of the companion really made some improvements for me just today. You can google the Companion and learn all about it.

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Welcome to the Reverb G2 owners club. As mentioned earlier, the blur in the MSFS VR virtual cockpit is here to stay, at least for now. You’ll have to get use to it, that is if you’ve got really good vision (which I do). All I can figure is those that don’t can’t really tell that there is a problem…for I’ve tried everything to make it better with no joy. Unfortunately FSR or NIS, provided by the OpenXR toolkit, blurs it even a little bit more.

Yeah there are no settings I have tried that are making any real difference. Hopefully the developers will be making some tweaks for better AA.

Are you on WMR OpenXR, with the in sim resolution 100%? If not - this explains why you experience blurry glass gauges.
The difference in gauges clarity is huge when you change the in sim resolution from 100 to 80%. If you can’t see such difference when changing your settings, something must be very wrong with your setup.
Please also consider bringing eyes closer to the lenses using one of the gasket mods. This will increase the sweetspot.

I’m not sure if it has a separate thread, but the last few days I have seen a few youtube videos saying, that although PC mode and VR mode graphics settings are not meant to impact eachother, that the ‘texture resolution’ one may. ie if the PC mode texture resolution is set to say Low, and the VR mode is set to High, because the sim starts in PC mode, and changing this setting can’t be done without a restart, VR mode is then permanently stuck in Low quality.

Do you guys know if this is still true, if so it seems like a serious bug. I’m hoping to try to get to the bottom of this one today.

I had also problems with clarity, blurriness, i bought the modded face mask which brings the eyes closer to the lenses → made everything worse.
Solution for me was to increase the distance to the lenses. i just used some iron spheres on the mask magnets and used a hotglue gun to fix it. As said, the G1000 the text isn’t sharp, but i can read it much better now.

With G2 and in game render scaling (TAA) 100% my G1000 is perfectly sharp.

I use the OpenXR Toolkit and it’s the sharpening option that makes a huge difference for me. I have OXR 100% TAA in game at 100$ and FSR at 100% with sharpening at 80%.

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The G2 is also very fiddly with position. I suspect it’s an individual experience as to where to place and adjust the headset. The G2 has a narrow sweet spot.

I just discovered Open XR Toolkit with FSR at 100%, (any level of sharpening), and an override resolution around 3000x3000 per eye has exceeded what I though possible in MSFS.

I could be biased from having put up with so much blurry. I’m just amazed I can read the left side of the G1000 MFD buttons without leaning in.

For night time flying, keeping your airplane’s brightness knobs as low as possible helps with clarity too. Bright buttons just get blurry.

I have disabled in game VR sharpening and played with the toolkit NIS and sharpening. Result was slightly sharper text on G1000 buttons. Overall I am still very impressed simming in VR, including most of all doing circling approaches.

I wonder if DLSS is going to enable sharper image and higher FPS. Apparently No Mans Sky got a good boost with VR-DLSS update.

This is mostly a OXR Toolkit question, but what is the difference between, say, cutting back the FSR upscaling to 80%, versus leaving it at 100% and instead cutting back the resolution the same amount in the Toolkit per-game override as you did?
Assuming of course MSFS is your only OXR software and you don’t need per-game resolution settings.
Been seeing your approach mentioned in the forums and I just. Don’t. Get it.

That’s where I got the approach too. I didn’t understand it at first and I still have the same question as you. However, I really liked the results. I did wide quality FOV, mip-map, and set my resolution per eye. The results were sharper than I had seen before with up to 45 FPS.

I think it’s in the experimental or advanced options, so it may just be that simple. It’s also more fine tunable and I don’t think it requires a VR reload.

Reduce the Render Scaling in both OpenXR and the VR Options menu in MSFS.

Mine are set at 60% in both. This is to improve FPS.

What I have found is the aircraft instruments are easily readable, even the small numbering on the Garmin GNS430, but the landscape scenery loses some clarity.

Most important features of landscape scenery are Visual Reference Points on approach to airfields. When these become indistinguishable, you have gone too far.

As for the rest of the scenery, you should be constantly doing a round robin check of the instruments, not sight-seeing. That is for your passengers to enjoy.

But… this is a computer game

Sightseeing is one of the major selling points!

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I hope you are pleased with Microsoft Aeroplane Flying Game.

Some good hints on here but another thing and I’m not tying to be funny is check your eye sight. If I play without my contacts in it makes it a horrible experience and they are only -1.00 and -1.50.

My limited experience with DLSS in ACC is that it will make the sharpness even more blurry if all other setting stay the same. On the flip side it improves performance giving more headroom to increase the resolution elsewhere.