Showcase Camera

Has anybody any tips for using the showcase camera as a tower view to watch your landings and go arounds?

It looks like it should be possible from this:

This the bit that suggest this is possible:

  • Its “Follow mode” allows it to move freely in the plane frame of reference

    • Toggle Drone Follow Mode ” (Tab by default)
  • Its “Lock mode” sets and locks the Drone camera onto the plane.

    • Toggle Drone Lock Mode ” (left ctrl + Tab by default)
  • The “Follow mode” and the “Lock mode” are not linked, meaning you can activate or de-activeate them independently

So it looks like you can change to lock mode, move it somewhere, still following ther plane, and then switch to it and watch the plane flyign from a fixed point. You’ll need to press “C” to be able to control the plane while in drone camera mode. Feels possible, but never tried it.

I’d have thought that if you were (say) approaching an airfield, then hit pause (NOT active pause - use SET PAUSE ON, SET PAUSE OFF to properly pause), then switch to drone camera, then move to where you want to view the plane from then change to lock mode, then press C to control the plane, then unpause…you should be good!

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Find the airport tower, position the camera there - at the top - and watch to your heart’s content.

I do it when I’m not flying but, unfortunately. the AI is pathetic and ‘live’ traffic disappears soon after hitting the ground.

Your mileage, as they say, may vary.